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The ePillow For Your iPads & Other Tablets

These days, even your gadgets can use a pillow.

Veyl Products has unveiled its latest product which should help techies use their portable gadgets with ease and comfort however they are positioned.

The ePillow is specifically made for portable devices like the iPad and other Tablets. A user can prop this up and use as a table or pad, which is said to help reduce neck strain, muscle fatigue or eye strain as one continuously handles the device.

Consumers Warned: Gel-Memory Foam Pillows May Be Flammable

Good Housekeeping has made an interesting discovery about those new gel-infused memory foam products in the market. With many people complaining how warm memory foam is, the industry thought the gel bed would be the answer. This new technology supposedly is much cooler. However, while testing pillow products with gel technology for fire-safety, Good Housekeeping came up with this discovery:

Anti-Snoring Pillow From Japan

Quite an amusing product, the Snore Stopper Pillow is designed in Japan and distributed by a company called France Bed. This item is featured with cutting-edge technology that can help with a heavy snorer and the person sleeping next to him or her.

Made with memory foam to deliver the best in comfort, this pillow also comes with an audio sensor that can tell if the person is snoring. And once that happens, the pillow will lightly vibrate and slightly interrupt the snoring. It has been proven to work effectively.

The First Ever Pillow…For A Woman’s Breast

Have we all been so exhausted from doing our daily activities, that even a woman’s breast need to have its own pillows?

I thought the breast pillow was someone’s idea of a joke until I found out that it’s really does exist. And for $59.95, in fact.

A Rejuvenating Pillow For Mother’s Day

Sleep Innovation’s Rejuvenation pillow helps with achieving deep and relaxing sleep.

This pillow has been designed with the help of sleep scientists who were able to determine which positions and angles of the head and the neck is most favorable. Hence, the pillow comes with all the right contours to facilitate that.

Funky Pillows From Meninos

Meninos is a design studio which mainly features products with designs that are inspired by pop culture and the geek culture.

These new sets of pillows are especially funky. The boombox set definitely adds character and would look great in a teen’s bedroom, or a music-lovers loft. The pillows featuring CYK swatches would be a nice addition to a room than needs a burst of colors.

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What Type of Pillow Do You Need

What Type of Pillow Do You Need

If you’re still having restless nights in spite of that new mattress or mattress topper on your bed, it may be time to evaluate the type of pillows you are using. Pillows, just like a good mattress and good sheets, matter when it comes to achieving satisfaction with sleeping and here are a couple of things you must take note of when you’re buying your next set.

Leachco Back ‘N Belly – Contoured Body Pillow

This body pillow looks amazingly comfortable! It is especially beneficial to pregnant moms, as the pillow has been specifically designed for them.

The pillow addresses pregnancy-related concerns such as backache and support, especially around the belly area. And when the baby is out of the womb, both mom and child can make use of the pillow while nursing. Aside from that, the pillow can also bring relief for people suffering from carpal tunnel, sciatica, gastric reflux, and nasal congestion.

Succulent Pillows as Bedroom Accessories

One of 2010’s trendiest styles apparently was inspired from greens or plants. While this is nothing new, as plant ornaments are commonly used to decorate the home, the latest accessories come in the form of pillows, which are really fabulous decorative pieces.

Pillowhappy from Etsy

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