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The Original Cuddle Pillow: Armadillow

Similar to the Cuddle Mattress, which we have featured early this week, the Armadillow comes with slats or “arm tunnels” (as the manufacturer calls it) that allows a person to comfortably rest his arm on the couch or bed, while cuddling next to a loved one.

The Pillow for Long Distance Lovers

Separated by thousands of miles, couples who are currently staying in one place can sleep comfortably with this creative pillow. This has been designed to light up and glow whenever their partner, who is on the other end of the world, also holds it close or sleeps with it.

Based on a design student’s idea, the pillow is aptly named “Pillow talk” and makes use of technological sensors and fabric panels that the couple will have to wear every time they go to bed. When it’s time for sleep, the panels and sensors will send signals to each other, causing the pillows to glow, indicating each other’s presence. Further to that, the pillow is also designed to  allow partners to be able to hear each other heartbeats when they rest their heads on the pillow.

Blu Sleep Ice Gel Pillow

Ever wake up with your pillow all wet and sweaty? Sometimes, using the wrong kind of pillow can greatly affect the quality of sleep, which is why investing in a pillows is also as practical and as sound as investing in a mattress.

Take a look at this…

With its revolutionary pillow construction, Blu Sleep Ice Gel Pillows promise to make sleep a lot more healthier and satisfactory. The pillow’s foam contains gel and a proprietary open-cell structure, thus delivering a plushy and inviting texture that makes sleeping on it really feel good.

Knitted Boyfriend Pillow: Freaky Or Fantastic?

Would you sleep on a bed with a pillow like this?

Designer NoortJe De Keijzer created this pillow by knitting it from head to toe. It literally has head to toe as the pillow has been designed with a face, arms and legs. The designer calls this the “Knitted Boyfriend” pillow which can be hugged, cuddled and caressed when sleeping.

The Magnigel Wave Pillow

The Magnigel Wave pillow is one of the many pillows Magniflex is introducing for its latest pillow collection for its US Market. The company, which is originally based in Italy, plans to do a lot of expansion in US soil this year and along with its mattress collection, bedding accessories are also being improved.

Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow

Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow

The Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow is probably the oddest looking pillow you’ll find. Its designed has been done with consultation from sleep experts and chiropractors, though, so that if one uses it, it can properly help with the alignment of the spine. This pillow offers support and stability when sleeping and as a result, the user can feel less pain and stiffness. It’s also made of materials that promote health and well-being.

Magniflex’s Gel Pillows Series

Magniflex is coming up with four types of gel pillows that come with gel and memory foam materials that help the user sleep comfortably and lavishly well at night. There are four selections cater to different types of needs for each consumer, and they perfectly match with the brand’s mattress types. According to Magniflex’s head, “We’ve created four options all featuring distinctive feels and materials including dual-side pillow designs for customizable comfort. By pairing our Magnigel mattresses with complimentary pillows, partners will be able sleep at their optimal body temperatures from head to toe. We believe this is a unique selling point and these accessories will give our U.S. retailers another way to effectively increase the sales ticket.”

Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe Gel Memory Foam Cooling Bed Pillow

Comfort Revolution memory foam cooling bed pillow is a revolutionary bed accessory that allows you to get good sleep as much as you can. The pillow is infused advanced gel technology offers a cool sleeping area that helps with muscle relaxation and aids in good sleep. The longer you sleep, the more the pillow stays cold, and then you wake up feeling really rested.

SMS Pillow by Philips

Sometime seven or eight years ago, Philips Research created a prototype that infuses sleep technology with mobile technology and called it the SMS Pillow. This prototype was show in a Berlin exhibit held in 2005.

What the pillow does is to send text message using the pillow itself, as it comes with LED embedding in the fabric, with the application just underneath it. It’s the fabric itself that actually does the trick but since I don’t see similar products anywhere, it’s safe to say that this idea never took flight, isn’t it?

Avoid Sleeping on the Wrong Pillow

Sleeping on the wrong pillow is just as bad as sleeping on a saggy mattress. Resting the head on the wrong one can also contribute to our grogginess and stiff neck when waking up.

Just like a good mattress, the right pillow should be able to give your head and neck the right comfortable support. It must not turn flat rather quickly.

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