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The Best Ways To Clean Pillows

Cleaning a mattress, though vacuuming or using mattress shampoos (regardless if its homemade or store bought), is something that many homeowners do these days. The process is especially helpful for getting rid of bed bugs and keeping the mattress fresh and well-cared for. Cleaning pillows, however, is more often than not, usually disregarded. When was the last time you’ve done this?

Shredded Talalay Latex Pillow with Gel Fiber

Some consumers aren’t really fans of down filling and memory foam pillows because the construction does not provide ample support and comfort. Down pillows have fillings that eventually become lopsided and clumpy, especially if the pillow is something that’s actively used. Memory foam pillows can sometimes be too firm that it feels like a rock to sleep on.

Monsieur Toast by MyMimi

These days, a pillow isn’t just something you need for sleeping and being comfortable in bed. Their also great for adding a touch of personality into the bedroom. Over the years on this blog, you will see all sorts of pillows designed not only to give you ideas on what’s the most comfortable pillows are in the market, they’re also designed to amuse.

The J-Pillow

Those going away this holiday season may want a suitable travel companion with this pillow. It promises to provide quality sleep while on the plane or the road. The pillow is designed in an unusual J-shape, allowing the user to rest his shoulders and neck when he can’t necessarily lie down on the airplane seat or the seat of the bus. The pillow cradles the chin and neck, so that the user won’t wake up snapping, as travel conditions can be bumpy.

Hair Pillow For Your Beauty and Comfort

There’s some truth to the phrase “beauty sleep”. A long rest in bed can help rejuvenate the body’s cells giving your appearance the boost it needs. Apart from that, you will also benefit from sleeping surrounded with proper bedding — a comfortable and supportive mattress, warm blankets, and a good, sleep-enhancing pillow, such as this product called the Hair Pillow.

Would You Like A Forever Pillow?

For some people, the choice of pillows to sleep on is just as crucial as the choice of mattress. And just like a mattress, how hard or soft this pillow is depends on preference, and there are those that prefer pillows with special features and irregular shapes, believing this will give them the ultimate sleep experience.

Z® by Malouf 100% Natural Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow

Gaining over a thousand reviews in Amazon and earning at least 4 stars, this latex pillow mattress is manufactured for high quality comfort. The product is eco-friendly as it has no additives and makes use of only 100% natural and pure talalay latex. Because of this, the pillow is also mildew proof, resistant to dust mites and antimicrobial, aside from being breathable and adjustable to temperature and weather changes.

Pillow For Relieving Neck Pain

When you’re constantly experiencing neck pains that disrupt your sleep and overall mobility, then changing pillows may help relieve this problem. One such pillow comes from Hammacher Schlemmer, which looks rather unusual but its offers a lot of benefits to the user.

Designed by a chiropractor, this pillow helps with proper alignment of the spine. With its patented depression, which works to cradle the head properly, the pillow offers good support, as it follows the natural curve of the neck and down to the vertebrae. It also has elevated sides, which is advantageous for side sleepers, who will also benefit from the spine’s proper alignment. The result brings relief from neck strain as well as stiffness.

Breakfast Pillows, Anyone?

The Japanese love to create unusual items with pillows but we would have never expected this from a German company.

Aufschnitt Berlin, which is owned by textile designer Silvia Wild, has developed and manufactured a line of hand-stitched pillows and cushions that are modelled after breakfast food products, such as these examples below.

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