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Memory Foam Mattress

Red Nomad Luxury Memory Foam Mattress

The Red Nomad is manufactured using memory foam mattress that is certified by CertiPUR-USĀ®, which guarantees it is of high quality. It’s supposed to have low emission, with durability and performance that is expected to last for many, many years.

NovosBed Harmony Memory Foam Gel Mattress

This mattress comes with a sturdy foundation, but because it also has gel memory foam structure, it provides a softer, cooler sleeping space that allows the body to sink in better than the average memory foam. Its firmness is comparable to a spring mattress. The bounce back rate is also faster, which means that if you are prone to back problems, you can enjoy the best of soft and firm mattress conditions.

Tempur-Pedic is the Mattress of Choice for Chicago Bears

Tempur-pedic has announced that it has partnered with major league team Chicago Bears as its mattress provider for the team’s training camps and dorm rooms.

The company is slated to provide around 125 Tempur-Pedic mattress beds in king size so that the players are ensured of a restful and restorative sleep, promoting better performance during practice and in the actual games.

Zen Bedrooms’ Dorm Mattress

The dorm mattress from Zen Bedrooms is designed for students who have a budget when it comes to buying mattresses, but would also prefer a comfortable bed. To enjoy the best of both worlds, the dorm mattress offers memory foam comfort for a price that is a bit lower than usual.

Saltea Ortopedica Perfect Comfort Mattress

The Perfect Comfort Mattress from Romanian mattress company Saltea Ortopedica features two types of foam mattress. One is meant to address comfort while sleeping, while the other is meant to make the mattress highly resilient, so that it last for years and years of use while maintaining its quality.

Ultimate Hybrid Mattress

Do couples have to agree on one type of mattress? If they buy the wrong one, how much of this affects the quality of their relationship, due to lack of sleep from a mattress that’s not giving them the best comfort? A study has shown that the kind of mattress couples sleep on is a huge deal for the relationship. When one partner is not getting the most out of the mattress, the discomfort can roll over and affect they way they treat their partners as seen in the video interview below. Not only do they not sleep well, in some cases, intimacy in the relationship also suffers.

Hickory Springs Hi Flo Foam

Hickory Springs is releaseing a top of the ine foam product which many bedding manufacturers will have plent of use for.

The new mattress comes with extra width and provides additional air flow. It can be rolled onto the sheets, allowing for a cooler sleep area. The foam also does not require any more treating, hence the foam is breathable, comfortable, and comes in many configurations. Simply put, with this foam mattress, production can be simplified, but the quality for consumers is still the same.

Campbell Mattress At High Point Market

Despite being in the business for almost more than 80 years as a mattress manufacturer, Campbell Mattress was present at the High Point Market recently. The company presented four of its premiere collections of middle-end mattress products including the Posture Form mattress, which is featured with gel memory foam and eurotop. The bed is also featrured with a VertiCoil Edge innerspring technology. This mattress retails for about $699 for the queen.

Consumer Reports Releases Mattress Test Report

Recently, Consumer Reports, a non-profit organization, released a test report of different models of mattresses to help those looking to buy a new mattress with their choices. The organization went through over a dozen models, ranging from innerspring to foam mattresses and carrying a price tag that falls around $500 to $2,000.

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