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Cool Cloud Sleep System from The Futon Shop

Gel mattress trend is indeed flooding the market, for you can find futons with a gel mattress now.

The Futon Shop in San Francisco is releasing their Cool Cloud Sleep System, which features a ton of specialty futons with the gel and memory foam technology.

The mattresses are also made with eco-friendly materials derived from soy.

ChiliPad’s Cooling and Heating Pad

I’ve come across a few people who have sworn by the ChiliPad and said that this is the best investment they have made when it comes to bedding accessories. The ChiliPad helps improve sleep quality and comfort level, as well as reduce one’s heating bill. The product, I conclude must be really efficient.

eRest Bedding at the Las Vegas Market

eREST Bedding will be at the Las Vegas Market this year and will be featuring their eORGANIC and eSUPREME products. These are made of natural latex with organic cotton and eco wool cover. The mattresses and bedding are designed to give one the healthiest and most comfortable sleep.

From a statement by the president of National Eco Wholesale, eRest’s parent company, Steve Savage: “After being in various natural product industries for over 20 years, I’ve never seen a product that serves so many benefits that the traditional products don’t have. The eREST mattresses are not only one of the highest quality latex beds in the industry, but are completely customizable and being a direct importer, priced to be more affordable.”

3 Comfortable Sofa Bed Mattresses

Cramp inside the house and expecting guests to come over for more holiday celebrations, we picked three sofa mattresses you may want to consider buying for that occasional guest in the house.

Perfect Fit Sofa Bed Queen Mattress Topper

This sofa bed mattress weighs about 18 ounces and the inside of it consist of the most supportive and comfortable fiberfill. The mattress comes with an elastic band that holds it in place and fastens the mattress onto its sofa bed frame. It’s also machine washable, if needed, but overall, maintenance of this is no effort.

Gold Bond Mattress’ Premiere Series Undergoes A Redesign

One of the country’s leading manufacturer for mattresses, Gold Bond, has presented a redesigned collection of their premiere line at the High Point Market.

The premiere line is their innerspring handmade mattress which comes with 850 individual coils, a spunky new fabric covering and additional microsuede borders.

SilverShell Antimicrobial Mattress Protector by Leggett & Platt

Leggett & Platt has released its newest mattress protector called the SilverShell. It is made with silver ions infused in its fabric. What these ions do is to effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, molds and mildew, as well as other odor-causing elements which may deteriorate the quality of the mattress faster. Thus, the protector offer a healthier environment in your sleep space.

Christmas Wish List: Memory Foam Mattress Pad

I know that Christmas isn’t until three months away, but I’ve already started with my list of gifts to buy. You can’t delay something like this. Christmas is going to come and the shops will be filled with people as soon as the holidays roll in. It’s good sense to prepare earlier and keep a list so that you don’t lose track of who has yet to receive what.

Introducing the Duvalay For Motor Home Owners

The Duvalay is a new invention by husband and wife Liz and Alan Colleran, which was featured in a show called the Dragon’s Den in the UK.

This bedding accessory is perfect for caravan sleepers or motor home owners and is designed to deliver a great, warm sleep at night as the Duvalay can be zipped all the way to cover one’s body and still feel cozy, secure and comfortable in bed.

The Remedy Study Bundle Mattress Set

The Remedy Study Bundle Mattress Set is made up of a memory foam mattress which has been infused with gel on the sleep surface, so that it’s softer and more comfortable to sleep on.

The set comes with a matching pillow that is also made of the same materials — memory foam with gel. The set is specifically designed for college students, in order to help them get the best sleep even as they are cramming through exams and term papers.

AlwaysFresh Puresleep Mattress Protector

Therapedic International is releasing the very first mattress protector that also works to eliminate odor on the mattress.

This is especially helpful for those living in dormitories, such as with college kids, who surely do not want to sleep in a mattress that has already been slept on by hundreds of other people.

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