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Hydraluxe Gel Mattress Pad

The latest in mattress technology includes pads that are gel-infused, which provides a massaging and therapeutic effect when a person sleeps on it. The mattress pad is the best solution for someone who usually sleeps hot, such as women who are going through menopause, or men who cannot be comfortable with just a memory foam or firm mattress.

Georgina Duvet For Your Mattress

Update your bed’s look and feel for the summer with this Georgina Duvet covers from Anthropologie. The frills provide the right touch of romance and elegance to the bedroom. It does look and feel kind of girly, yet it’s one that even the men would love to rest on.

The duvet comes with matching shams and pillow covers, as well as bedding and other add ons (such as the bedskirt) that do not wrinkle. Decked with giant dahlias which are designed with soft cotton voile, this duvet has enough fluff and fabulousness to make your bedroom feel like heaven.

Colorful Eco-Friendly Toppers From FXI

FXI, formerly known as Foamex, a company that manufactures products for health care and home care, has released a line of colorful eco-friendly toppers the company is calling the BIOS Sleep System.

This new toppers has been named after for the Greek word “Life” and these are made from hypoallergenic and organic materials, allowing for a healthier sleep environment. The mattress are also designed to take away muscle aches and pains, relieving pressure points with its special foam density and construction.

Inclined Mattress Topper

Suffering from sinus congestions when you sleep? Do you snore loudly, disturbing your partner during your slumber? This inclined mattress topper could help.

This mattress’ upper part is slightly raised so that as you sleep on it, the body is also angled to a certain position. Apparently, when you sleep this way, it helps with relieving sinus passages, thus keeping it from getting congested. You snore less and you get through the night better.

Feel Cooler Mattress Pad

The Feel Cooler mattress pad is made of a temperature regulating material that takes a cue from the sleeper’s skin temperature. If the body is feeling kind of warm, this mattress pad will help cool the body down. This product is highly recommended by Dr. Oz and it was also featured in Reader’s Digest.

The Big One Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The Big One topper makes use of memory foam technology to help with the relief of pressure points when sleeping. As with all types of quality memory foam, this topper conforms to the body’s shape well, enabling one to get ample rest and sleep. The pad is about an inch and a half thick. When added to an existing bed, it instantly changes the way the bed feels. The foam is made of high density material, which is what’s needed so that proper support is delivered.

Mattress Pad from Royal Velvet

Mattress Pad from Royal Velvet

Giving you the ultimate in bedding comfort, this mattress is overstuffed with 25 ounces of fiber per square yard so that it is extra soft and comfortable. The mattres is also covered in cotton twill, breathable and so soft to sleep on. With its soft blue and white cord edge detail, the style helps with the aesthetics more than anything, too.

Organic Flannel Duvet Cover and Shams from Viva Terra

Viva Terra is a company that specializes in organic products for the home, including the bedding. Take a look at this flannel duvet cover and shams.

Avaialble in basic but classic colors of cream, gray and taupe, this is a luxurious bedding item that will make your mattress more inviting. The material is made from organic cotton, which has been washed off its enzymes so that it’s healthier to sleep on. It’s also so light and fluffy, which makes it easier to care for. The fluff shouldn’t disappear after hundreds of washing. The duvet and shams are pin-tucked, which is primarily a design element that adds a nice touch to the bed.

Cozelle Zoned Mattress Topper With Stain Release

Perhaps you will never expect to find a mattress topper, or any bedding items for that matter, in a store like ShopNBC, but surprise, surprise…there are quite a few in their selection.

This particular mattress topper, for instance, is exclusively made and distributed for the shopping site by bedding company North Shore Linens. The Cozelle mattress topper has a zoned construction that will help enhance sleep. The larger areas, such as the back of the body have large boxes sewn and quilted on it, while smaller boxes provide comfort for the limbs and legs. These boxes are filled with fiberfill.

Washable Wool Mattress Pad by Sleep & Beyond

A good way of adding comfort to your sleep is to put a mattress pad over your already existing one. This wool pad from Sleep & Beyond is made more convenient because it can be washed for as many times as you want, while its quality and comfort remain intact.

The pad is made of Shropshire washable wool, a premium choice for washable bedding. The thread count is 300 and the mattress pad comes with straps that can be attached and fitted perfectly. The fabric feels natural and cool under the skin.

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