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Eco Refresh and Eco Revive Organic Mattress from Ergo Sleep System

This Berkeley, California mattress company, Ergo Sleep Systems, is unveiling two different kinds of organic mattresses from the Natura Brand which are made from organic latex and other organic materials that should help improve ones quality of sleep.

These come with no chemical fillers added in them and only offers superior quality which is perfect and ideal for all ages to use.

What Type Of Organic Mattress Should You Buy?

A healthy alternative to regular and synthetic mattresses we normally find at mattress stores, the organic mattress is made without any chemicals and other toxic elements in its materials. Instead, it is made from untreated and chemical-free organic cotton or wool components, or latex rubber, silk material and perhaps even shredded coconut shells.

Construction of Organic Mattress Against Conventional Mattress

Sleeping in an organic mattress brings many benefits not only to your health but also to the environment. Between this type of a mattress and a synthetic mattress, the former is safer to sleep on even for babies and those with allergies.

The construction of conventional mattress is done using synthetic materials and foams (including synthetic latex). They are usually made with PVC, which is taken from petroleum by products and thus can be toxic. This material is also not sustainable, therefore it depletes the earth’s resources. Conventional mattresses usually contain the following chemicals, which is supposed to help it last longer, bug free resistant and durable: butadiene, acetone, acrylate resins, imethylformamide diphenyldiisocyanate, phthalates, toleune, vinilidiene chloride and more. A lot of these chemicals are not degradable and studies have shown, they may contaminate the blood stream, causing one to feel ill at ease while sleeping. The long term effect can bring about hormone disruption, problems with the lungs or breathing, organ damage and even cell damage.

Eco Mattress For Mom On Mother’s Day

It’s going to be Mother’s Day this weekend and what better way to show your appreciation than to give Mom a healthy eco-friendly mattress.

Wellness gurus and doctors suggest getting eight hours of sleep for one’s body to recuperate. However, if Mom has been sleeping on a mattress which has been made with chemically induced materials such as pesticides on its cotton fabric, it can be detrimental to her health.

Pebble Organic Mattress

One of the latest organic crib mattress in the market is this highly engineered design from Nook Sleep Systems. Uniquely designed with a pebble-like surface, this mattress allows for proper oxygen flow, breathable and very relaxing but also uninviting to mites and microbe. The mattress is so lightweight and for maintenance, you can wash this. Without any toxic components, the mattress is made off all-natural eucalyptus fibers.

Organic Bumper Beds From West Paw

This pet bed is made of earth friendly organic cotton cover with a cushion that’s engineered from 100% recycled materials. The foam inside the bed is called the IntelliLoft, which, believe it or not is from plastic soda bottles.

Fact: It takes more energy to make new plastic than it is to clean used, recycled plastic bottles. Did you know that? Aside from that, this bed keeps landfills from filling up with this, helping with the carbon footprint.

Benefits of Picking Organic Mattresses

While organic mattresses are quite pricey, they offer superior comfort and can last in good condition for many years. Bedding experts agree that organic mattresses are a lot healthier to sleep on, which is why a lot of manufacturers are going for it, releasing their own organic line.

Spending about eight hours in bed a day, we actually take in all the toxic element when we sleep on it. For some people, this triggers allergy attacks or other conditions. And most people are not aware of this.

Oeuf Organic Mattress

Provide a healthy sleeping area for your children with this organic mattress made from all natural materials. It’s made from cotton batting with cotton covers certified to meet the ASTM safety standards. The mattress is perfect for cribs with 28 W x 52 L x 5.5 H in size.

Natural Mattress Topper

From Naturally Organic, this mattress is two inches of natural rubber wrapped with pure wool cotton and a quilted organic cover. The topper adds breathability and repels dust mites. For your convenience, the topper can be rolled so you can bring it during your travels.

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