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Organic Mattress

Naturepedic’s Customized Mattress

Customization is a growing trend in the mattress industry. As demand for a more comfortable rises, mattress companies are offering consumers a customization option that allows them to pick out a mattress that really suits their needs. Naturepedic is one such company that offers this new and exciting trend, with the release of its EOS Customizable Organic Mattress Sleep System.

Botanical Bliss 10″ Mattress

The Botanical Bliss offers a latex bed that’s made of 100% natural materials, and as such, it delivers a luxurious comfort level that also offers a lot of health benefits. The bed offers a surface that relieves muscle pain, pressure discomforts and better body circulation. As with any natural latex mattress, this is mold resistant and won’t be susceptible to bug infestation.

Aegean Sunset Mattress

The Aegean Sunset mattress is part of the “The Mediterranean Collection” released by Candia Strom, a mattress manufacturing company.

The Aegean Sunset is handmade with natural materials that includes coconut fibre and wool, as well as latex. It is featured with Calico Pocket Springs, along with jute backing so that the mattress is firm and anatomically correct. The top side of the mattress is made of viscose fabric and the bed is treated with olive oil so that it’s softer and therapeutic on to the skin. Sleeping on it would be beneficial to the user.

Aquapure Soya Mattress

This mattress is designed for maximum comfort, but makes sure that it makes little impact to the environment. The materials are mostly made from renewable sources, while also considering hypoallergenic and non-toxic alternatives that would be great for sleeping in the healthiest environment possible.

Organic Outer Selene Pillowtop Mattress

So named after the Titan Moon Goddess, Selene, this pillowtop allows for the best sleep “under the moonlight” so to speak. It offers deep, comfortable sleep, with its featured innerspring support, known to be very firm. Or it’s removable extra 2″ soft top. With these options, you pick out the sleep surface that’s best for you.

Palmpring Coir Mattress

This mattress is made of long coconut fibers. Coconut has been used for mattresses several decades ago and provided little inconvenience. It also offered a mattress that was not prone to bed bugs and other allergens. One of its disadvantages, however, is that it may be pretty hard to sleep on compared to what many companies are offering today with its latex foams. Yet this type of mattress is more ideal for those who want to sleep on a harder surface.

Palmpring 4Way Mattress

Palmpring produces mattress that comes with natural latex and 100% coconut fiber. They have three signature models, and this particular type is the four-layer sandwich mattress, which comes with natural latex, the coir, and another later of latex, plus another layer of coir.

The result is a mattress that provides pressure relieving comfort. The mattress is also covered with a naturally made material, that makes sleeping in the winter months warmer and the summer months cooler.

Lifekind’s Duet Organic Mattress

Lifekind’s Duet organic mattress is made from natural rubber and comes with sculpted layers. It’s these sculpted layers I’m really curious about as it comes with a firm, soft and firm combination from top to bottom. The effect is a motion-free sleep experience, with a “firm yet soft” sleep surface.

Is Buying Organic Mattress Worth It?

Most people are hesitant about spending loads of cash on an organic mattress. They really are priced so expensively than regular mattresses, and not everyone agrees that going with an organic mattress could bring good sleep.

However, if you have been suffering from a bad back and are spending a lot on cure, what would spending money on an organic mattress be? In most cases, your back pains may have been caused by the kind of mattress you are currently sleeping on and a purchase of organic mattress may just as well be worth it.

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