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Serta Improves its Perfect Sleeper Mattress Line

The Perfect Sleeper mattress from Serta is already a big hit among consumers and was, in fact, recognized in the Consumer Digest as one of the best products to have. But the company is still giving the Perfect Sleeper, its flagship mattress, new and improved features, which will better coverage as well as adjustable compatibility without sacrifice for price and quality.

Flare Mattress Design from Comfort Solutions

The Flare Mattress design presented by Comfort Solutions at the Las Vegas market is something that raised the interest of many retailers. The mattress features an extra half-foot space that is supposed to help with sleep.

While this design is not unusual, as others have done similar mattresses like this before, the additional space is constructed with consideration to how it could help decrease sleep disturbance and keep the bed sturdier, with its edges more compact. According to the company’s head, the design of the Flare mattress still “holds up to the same standard as a conventional mattress edge, but with the added benefit of more space,”

Buying a Latex Mattress? Take Note of These Details First

As there are too many options for latex mattress, choosing can be an overwhelming task. But if you take note of a few of these tips, you can easily round up your choices and purchase the latex mattress that fits your need:

1. Be careful with sythentic materials. Some latex mattresses come with blends made of these, while advertising that they are 100% organic. Synthetic blends already come with chemicals and therefore, not flame retardant. If you’re buying to provide a healthy mattress for your family, this type is not the one you need. Synthetic blend mattresses are normally priced cheaper than natural latex mattress. And they tend to off-gas too. Synthetic materials also go for the covering used to seal the foams in.

The Changing Landscape of Mattress Selling And Shopping In Peoria

In a small town in Peoria, Illinois, there is a cluster of mattress stores that allows consumers to shop around for mattresses and other bedding needs in sites that are situated not far from each other. This cluster should have to be bad for business as it brings fierce competition, but as this article in the PJStar says, it’s actually drumming up sales.

ISPA & California Working To Map A New Mattress Recycling Initiative

One of the country’s mattress industry groups, the largest in fact, is working with California state senator, Lou Correa, to put a new mattress recycling initiative into action. This time, it’s seeking to make the rest of the industry players involved with its CA 4 Mattress Recycling Org. You can read the brochure about the project here.

New ComforPedic Mattress Collection Unveiled by Simmons

Simmons’ ComforPedic mattress line from the Beautyrest model is getting new additions to the collection. These new additions will feature the company’s patented Aircool® Memory Foam, as well as the Aircool Memory Foam with TruTemp™ Gel, which is of high density composition. This gel is an innovation that helps with the absorption or release of warmness that flows through the mattress, making the sleep area a lot more comfortable to lie on.

The Wrong Mattress To Buy If You Are Prone to Allergies

The weather during winter season usually exarcerbates allergies, making one feel very uncomfortable and unable to sleep well at night. For many people, the culprit could be the mattress, particularly when this mattress is construction as a traditional innerspring mattress.

Why is this type of mattress bad for people with allergies?

Serta Reinvents iComfort Mattress

Serta is making changes to its iComfort mattress line and has unveiled what these are recently.

The new mattresses feature new technologies that offer better sleep environment. Consumers can choose from four different kinds of mattress models: EverCool™ Gfx,   Cool Action™ Dual Effects™, Pods™ Gel-Activated Support and ThermoCool™ Fabric Covers with Tencel®.

EverCool™ Gfx  features memory foam technology, which helps disspate heat and comforms to the body for better support. Cool Action™ Dual Effects™  provides an advanced gel layer that enhances a cooler sleeping area. It also is made of memory foam. Pods™ Gel-Activated Support has different gel discs placed strategically on the mattress, to provide comfort and relief in the different zones of the body. ThermoCool™ Fabric Covers with Tencel® has a special fabric enclosed in the mattress that helps dal with moisture, odor and bacteria.

Google Users Rate High for Saatva Mattress More

According to this press release, Saatva Luxury Mattress, has been the most rated mattress among Google users for last year (2012).

Online consumers apparently prefer Saatva for its competitive price, quality craftsmanship and good customer service, receiving as high as 4.9/5 in user ratings. Because of this the company is celebrating the fact that it’s the most preferred mattress among online users.

DIY Mattress from Open Your Eyes Bedding

If, for whatever reasons, you find dissatisfacton over the many choices of mattress in the market today, Open Your Eyes Bedding should be a great alternative. This site encourages consumers to literally make their own mattress. They supply the materials, free of any chemicals, add-ons and what-nots…and then you do the construction.

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