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The Better Marriage Blanket

There are high doubts this blanket actually works, but the idea is still quite ingenous.

The blanket was created for couples who suffer from flatulence. Too often, this becomes an issue in the marriage with one partner resenting the fact that the other is unsuspectingly unable to control the urge to…well, let the air go while in bed.

[Video] Sleeping Well Together as a Couple

[Video] Sleeping Well Together as a Couple

Are you part of a couple struggling with issues in bed, in that you can’t sleep with someone next to you? Or that your bother is actually bothering your slumber?

Better Sleep Council has released two new videos for promoting good sleep among couples. There was a done which says that many couples actually go to bed alone, since this helps them get the best sleep. But this go against the idea of coupling and may cause a rift between partners. So, if you want to go to bed together, here are some things you should consider:

Successful Mattress Recycling Program Developed By Students

Belmont University students in Nashville have come up with a mattress recycling program that was deemed to be a huge success. In fact the Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) declared it as the winning project that will represent the United States in the the world cup competition.

The program not only promotes and encourages the recycling of foams, steels and other materials from old mattresses, it also enables job creations for men who are ex-convicts.

Therm-a-Rest Closed-Cell Mattresses

Therm-a-Rest Closed-Cell Mattresses

Your summer plans may include a backpacking trip to the great outdoors and you will definitely be springing for a good surface to sleep on. While there are several kinds of sleeping bags that make durable mattress pads, or camping gears with comfortable sleep area, over the years, many campers still look for one brand, the Therm-A-Rest.

Leggett & Platt Produces Rap Music Video For Mattress Campaign

These days, mattress companies go full blast with advertising and marketing their products, making it more appealing and attractive to consumers.

Leggett & Platt, for example, has made their own rap music video, which will be running beginning this month.

The music video is entitled “Get Hybrid”, and is dubbed as “The Ultimate Mattress Rap”, featuring characters Springz and Phoam. It is produced by a talent company, Second City Communications.

Looking Inside A Mattress

Looking Inside A Mattress

Here’s an indepth report on what really is inside most mattresses for sale, as most consumers complain that deep body impression for comfort, should be the main priority in making the best mattress. What’s inside it, the coil construction and density, really matters and for cheaper mattresses, the biggest problems lie in the way the coils are set up so apart from each other, it cannot really provide proper support and comfort.

Sealy’s Afterglow Mattress Campaign

This is an old mattress campaign that Sealy has ran in 2011, featuring its Posturepedic line. The idea behind this ad is to highlight the benefits of owning one of its mattress. And the campaign makes use of a really old, but very effective concept. After all, sex does sell, and it still continues to do so with today’s consumer mentality.

Mattress Toppers from Sleep Innovation

Sleep Innovation has three really good mattress toppers that offer value for money. These topper are perfect for rejuvenating old mattresses, or updating your bed’s sleep surface, so that it becomes more comfortable and restful.

The mattress toppers come in three kinds: cm, SureTemp Memory Foam and SureTemp Sculpted Memory Foam, and they are some of the best sellers for the brand.

(Video) How Talalay Mattresses Are Made

(Video) How Talalay Mattresses Are Made

There are many mattresses…and there are many ways manufacturers make them. Here’s a video from the Natural Latex Mattress Factory, which shows the processing of talalay mattresses.

Talalay is the process by which latex is “whipped”, turning into foam. It is then poured into a molding, where it is eventually sealed. The molding has room on top, which allows for air and helps with the foam’s expansion.

VIDEO: How Mattress Is Recycled

VIDEO: How Mattress Is Recycled

Here’s a video showing the process of mattress recycling by Spring Back Recycling based in Nashville. The company was set up in March of 2011 and it’s actually managed by college students (for marketing and accounting), and Church employees (assigned to the warehouse and recruitment). They employ homeless people to help at the plant.

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