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Mattress Organizing Idea: Pinning A Reminder

I found this off the Martha Stewart website, where the domestic diva suggested to pin this simple reminder on the mattress for when you need to flip it.

Some homeowners still do have mattresses that needs to be regularly turned over, to be sure that its comfortability and fluffiness remains in best conditions.

Pillow Mattress Tutorial

A pillow mattress is actually a set of pillows put together to form one long mattress that is perfect for playing and lounging around. If you have kids in the house, this is something they will definitely like to lie down on. They can play on this pillow mattress, instead of their bedroom mattress (and spoiler the bed for that matter). The pillow mattress is also comfortable to sit or lie down on as you read a book or watch television in the living room.

Can You Clean A Memory Foam Mattress?

Regular mattresses may be cleaned regularly using mattress cleaners or home products like baking powder and vacuum cleaner. This is done because regular mattresses are susceptible to molds and mildew. But can this be process be the same for memory foam mattresses, when the material can actually prevent molds and mildew from forming?

Features of a Good Mattress

Sleeping comfortably requires having a good mattress. If you have an old one that has either lost its form or is no longer providing you the proper support you need, you may end up with back aches, muscle strains or some other sleep disorder.

Replace your mattress with a better one that has the following characteristics:

Shopping Tip: Take Mattresses Out For Test Drive

Consumers usually have a hard time shopping for a mattress because it’s hard to pick out which the best one is. But in order to help one decide, a surefire way is to test the mattress out first.

As recommended by Consumer Reports Magazine, a shopper has to at least spend 15 minutes on a mattress they’re eyeing on and lie down in their favorite position. Most stores should allow this to their patrons, and if they don’t, perhaps talking to the store manager would work.

[Video] Top 10 Simmons and Serta Mattress

[Video] Top 10 Simmons and Serta Mattress

For many consumers, sometimes buying a mattress is a no-brainer. You either pick a Simmons or a Serta. If one isn’t picky enough or thorough enough to go through all of the details of choosing the right mattress as many of our suggestions here on Mattresszine usually have it, these are the two safest choices.

Buying Used Mattresses: Good For The Earth, Bad For Your Health

About 20Million old mattresses are being disposed at landfills every year. This number is just for the United States alone and the volume is enough to fill out a landfill. The landfill problem is really a major problem with environmentalists. With this in mind, it seems like a great idea to help out the earth and consider buying a used mattress, instead. Used mattresses are sold a lot cheaper as well, so it would also seem like you’re saving money when you buy this.

Getting The Best Deals Off Clearance Mattress Sales

Gearing up for a mattress clearance sale? These usually happens close to a widely celebrated holiday (such as Memorial Day).

And these days, it’s never difficult to find a good deal, especially when you have the internet to help you with your shopping. All you have to do is browse different review sites and check for feedback on the particular model of mattress you like. Amazon is a good place to start. You can also check online for specifications on the mattress, so that you know what to look for before you head to the clearance sale madness.

Bed Bug Buster: Mattress Encasements

Consumers are pounded every week by news about how bed bug problem is growing. With all these information campaign, one would think that we’d have stopped the problem by now. But it seems, as news have it, the epidemic has gotten worse since the early 2000.

Have we really been doing our part?

How To Care for Organic Mattresses

An organic mattress is made of high quality materials. Buying it can be expensive, but a worthy investment. And it’s precisely why you need to take care of it more. Here are ways you can do to make your organic mattress last longer an perform better even after years of use.

1. Ensure that the mattress has a good, solid foundation.

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