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More Sensible Tips To Choosing A Mattress

Not all mattresses are created equal and not eveyrone has the same requirements in choosing a mattress. But what’s important for all is that getting a good night’s sleep is vital, and the mattress you use contributes to this.

Here are some things you should remember when you’re out shopping for mattresses:

Switching and Shopping for a Greener Mattress

More and more people are becoming selective about the type of mattresses they sleep on. Some have made efforts to change their mattresses, in light of the fact that there’s a raised awareness about the health implications old mattress bring.

One of the reasons people switch and buy a new mattress is because in the last five years, there has been an aggressive campaign over beds that have been treated with fire retardants. While this was the generally accepted process in mattress manufacturing decades ago, bills and laws have been passed in recent years to specifically stop manufacturers from doing this. The banning of sale and distribution of mattresses treated with fire retardant has also been enforced. It’s not a marketing ploy. Consumer safety groups actually support this ban and mattress recalls are happening all year-round.

Making Your Own Straw Mattress For Less Than $50

This post from 2009 caught my attention because it seemed like a fun thing to do. These girls decided to do their own mattress, by stuffing it with nothing but straws, in its most organic sense. They also made sew the fabric by hand.

They decide to fashion one after checking out what stores have to offer and found out that many of these mattresses are filled with VOC’s, chemicals, metal coils and what have you’s. They also checked out eco-mattresses, since they live in an eco-village and practice a sustainable way of life.

Cleaning A Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Maintaining and cleaning a memory foam mattress topper is so much easier to do because the foam is lighter and manageable than an actual memory foam mattress.

Give it new life using the baking soda technique. Sprinkle the powder onto the topper’s surface and let it sit for a few minutes to an hour. And when it’s done, you can vacuum this off.

Mattress Idea: Use Mattress As A Headboard

I found this cool idea from a blog, that featured an Ikea mattress which was used as headboard.

I think this is an innovative way of sprucing up the bedroom, with a headboard that I imagine should be really comfortable to rest on.

Mattress Solution for Couples With Different Sleep Needs

Sleeping in the same bed together can cause problems for couple when one’s mattress preference is different from the other. And this is a dilemma that happens a lot with many couples. It’s not uncommon for one of the spouses or partners to develop sleep problems because of their differences in mattress firmness or softness preference.

How To Create A Five Star Bed At Home

There is no doubt that many of us are looking to sleep in a bed that provides us with utmost comfort and rest. In most cases, luxury hotel beds offer these. But you can create a bedroom environment just like it, by following these simple tips:

Mattress – no matter what brand you have, the most important thing to consider with mattresses is that it must be something that your body is comfortable with. There are several types of mattresses, with several designs. Not every mattress works for you and only you can tell if a mattress actually fits so snuggly with what you prefer.

Different Types of Mattress Innerspring

Mattresses are made up of different styles and types, from its top layer, down to the core where the innersprings are. These innersprings are actually made of steel and the coils are different for each model or design.

A bonnel coil, for example is the the least expensive type. It’s shaped like an hourglass. Being cheaper than any of the other inner spring coils, this type is prone to wear and damage with eventual use. A pocket coil is made of springs that are separately encased with their own fabric, foam and whatever other material is in the design. Pocket coils are much more expensive, but this make mattresses even more comfortable and supportive. This is the type of coil used for those mattresses that comes with the zone feature. A continuous coil is made of a wire system with interconnectng springs. Most hotels have this in their mattresses and what it does best is prevent it from sagging.

Mattress Tip: Use Gripper To Keep Futon Mattress from Slipping

Sleeping on a futon mattress can be uncomfortable and frustrating. It can slide out of place, disrupting your sleep and affecting your comfort level.

There’s an easy solution to fix this though, with the use of a gripper. This is like a thin sheet, much like the ones used for floor rugs, which as you know sets in its place. The gripper is perfect for anchoring the mattress and you can buy this from any home store or carpet store. Get the thinner meshed type, as this is the non-stick kind.

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