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Mattress Trick: Use Carpet Gripper To Hold in Place

Here’s an idea from Ikea Hackers.

You know how mattresses placed on beds without proper framing, such as some platform beds, tend to slip and slide off the foundation? It can get very annoying and it can disrupt a good sleep, which can’t be good for your well-being.

Well, Ikea Hackers suggests that instead of buying an actual bed frame, which can be too expensive and out of budget, or sometimes too constrictive, why not put a carpet gripping on the underneath the mattress?

Bedding To Use For All Season

Comfort in the bed is a number requirement in choosing a mattress, or bedding and linen set. These bedroom needs do not come cheap, which is why shopping for them requires careful thought and decision making.

Time and again, we’ve come up with useful tips to choosing a mattress on this site, pointing out that what really matters is your own preference and comfort level. When it comes to bedding, however, it’s more practical to choose sets that can be used all year round so that you don’t have to necessarily keep on changing these when the temperature changes.

Sleep Positions and Your Mattress

Your favorite sleeping position can matter to what kind of mattress you should get, if you’re considering of replacing your current one. Picking the wrong type of mattress could affect your comfort level and sleeplessness. It’s only right to take  your sleeping position into account, as different parts or sides to your body come in contact with the mattress.

Why Mattress Recycling Helps The Environment

The very basic reason as to why recycling mattress is necessary is so that dump sites will no longer accumulate a boat load of old mattresses that will take years to decompose. There are tons and tons of mattresses filling up these areas, that it’s already congesting landfills, warranting more dump sites to be opened. It’s unnecessary waste, really, which can be controlled with recycling.

Sleeping Well During Summers

Focus for summer season is devoted to leisure activities, vacations and taking time off. That means, people will be more inclined to rest, relax and sleep, as they take advantage of breaks. But summer also means hot weathers and plenty of activities that can disrupt the quality of sleep. So, how do you deal with a hot and busy summer and get the rest you need?

Bed MadeEZ Bedding Accessory

How do they keep bedding so spic and span or tucked neatly in hotels or at display stores? Most of us would like to have a bed made perfectly like that and now, with the help of the Bed MadeEZ bedding accessory, it’s possible to have one!

With Bed MadeEZ, you don’t have to use your hands or fingers to tuck the sheets in. There’s no reason to ruin or manicure or feel pain in your hands or on the back, particularly when the mattress is so heavy when you try to lift it.

Don’t Buy New Mattress in the Spring

When it’s the height of spring season, around the month of April, it’s not a good idea to buy any mattress or do a mattress upgrade for this month, according to Huffington Post.

In the article written by Lynn Andriani, she suggested a few thing you can hold off with buying any household items and zeroed in on mattresses saying that the best times to make a purchase would instead be during Memorial Day, the Fourth of July or Labor Day. These are great periods because many stores offer sales or price cuts, for bedding items like mattresses especially. This is also the time manufacturers prepare for the release of their latest models, hence they are cleaning or marking down old models.

What’s The Best Mattress For Plus Size People?

The overweight sometimes have far more challenges to deal with than just managing their body. It’s not always easy to find things or items that suit their body’s needs, such as with sleeping arrangements. With almost a third of America’s population falling under the “obese” category, most beds or mattresses are actually built to cater or support plus size consumers. However, some considerations have to still be taken into account, especially since comfort is still on a case to case basis.

The Right Mattress For Your Sleeping Position

Love this infographic from the Mattressguy! It illustrates how to best gain from sleep using the right type of mattress.

Often, the pain and discomfort we experience despite how long we have been sleeping, is usually associated with the kind of mattress we are sleeping on.

This below provides a really comprehensive guide, especially if you’re thinking of changing or buying a new mattress. This should be very hopeful considering there are different types of mattresses in the market, you could be overwhelmed by the choices:

Mattress Basics You Should Know By Heart

How do you know that it is time to replace your mattress? What are the things you need to take note of when looking for a new one? What is the criteria for a good mattress?

The basics to mattress buying and owning. You should know these by heart when shopping for mattresses.

1. A good time to buy or replace is  when your mattress is already 8 to 10 years old. By then, your old mattress would be filled with  unknown species, it will actually feel heavy or you may start getting a bad back because of it.  You could start waking up feeling more lethargic than well-rested and the longer you put up with an old mattress, the worse it will be for your body.

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