Twist Mattress You Can DIY

The idea for the Twist Mattress comes from Lynne Cimino, who is a designer living in New York, where most people have to deal with cramped spaces. This invention allows for anyone to fashion their own mattress however they like it using fabric that has buckwheat hulls in it. These actually sell by the pound at $1.75 each around the city and unlike most mattresses, it’s all-natural.

There Is A Mattress Jumping Job In Pakistan

Most mattresses undergo road testing, so to speak, before they are even sold at stores. This is a fact that many consumers don’t know or give thought to. And in Pakistan, high end manufacturers hire actual people for this. Their job description is as “mattress jumper” and what they do is to literally jump on beds to test for quality.

Mattress Springs Recycled Into Art

Spotted on Etsy…

While not exactly a usual feature done here on Mattresszine, we think that this is still worthy of a feature.

This is a vintage mattress frame bed, with its springs still intact. It’s been refurbished and re-used as a wall art that actually sells for $900 at Etsy.

IRIS: Colorful Rainbow Furniture

Want an instant lift in the bedroom? You can easily do this by adding color with the help of accessories or furnishing, such as as this colored foams that has been put together to resemble a couch or a lounge bed.

Designed by Lubo Majer for Company DIZAJNO, this rainbow-inspired furniture serves not just to brighten a room, it’s also functional as a seating or a resting place. It makes up seven elements of the colors of the rainbow, and is anchored by a table with a glass plate that mimics water drops of the rain.

Groovy Aquarium Bed

To be precise this bed isn’t really the item that’s fitted with aquarium features. The mattress, pillows and bedding accessories are still the same. But the structure framing the bed is a customized luxury fish tank. It’s roughly a 650-gallon tank that in total will cost about $11,500 including the bed.

Guinness World Record for Tallest Stack of Mattress

It seems every year, someone always tries to beat a mattress record. And every year the efforts get more and more ambitious. This year Art Van Furniture in Warren Michigan attemptempted and succeeded in stacking the tallest mattress pile at 14.5 feet tall, beating the previous record at 13.5 feet.

Fun Transformable Pads

This product hasn’t been out yet in the market yet, but it has loads of potential. It’s tagline “transformable pad for lazy living” definitely fits the product so well, but I like that it also means lazy living as bonding time with the family.

The pad is called the Blandito and it is a multifucntional pad that works for everyone in the family. It doesn’t say, however, what these pads are made from. But you can watch out for its release here.

Slipper-Sock Play Mattress

Designed by Mathilde Br├ętillot, this slipper-sock play mattress is an innovative idea for making kid furniture fun and useful. Although it does look quite small, the size is just perfect for little kids. It appeals to them as well, as the play mattress itself, with its tubes and its stripes, look intriguing and interesting. This slipper-sock play mattress is distributed by Coll├ęgien, a French brand.

The Inflatable Outdoor Mattress Color Dot Game

I know this mattress suggestion is a lot late since many of you are going to enjoy the outdoors this week, with your fourth of July celebration. But you can probably have this for next year, then.

I’m referring to this outdoor air mattress that isn’t really meant for sleeping, but more for having fun in the backyard with friends and family. The mattress is designed with these colorful red dots of the surface, it looks kind of similar to a game of Twister. Alright, it’s exactly like Twister! Everyone knows how this game is played, and people have been playing this since the 60’s!

iPhone Bedding Set

This three-piece iPhone bedding set comes from China, and would perhaps make a perfect present for an iPhone fanboy or girl. Or perhaps a gag gift for someone who wishes to own one, but is still saving up for it. It’s also a pretty fashionable bed set to decorate a teenagers room.

It includes a top sheet which feels almost like a futon cover, a pillow sham (or pillow cover, if you will), and a smaller cushion (or throw pillow), which is also designed like an iPhone.