747 Jet Liner Bed

Round beds are no longer popular today than it was four or five decades ago. But there are still some manufacturers who do this, if only to come up with a unique alterantive for consumers. This Jet Liner bed, however, really tips the scales when it comes to uniqueness in design because the bed is actually made from parts of a jet engine.

The Privacy Pop Bed

This isn’t so much a real bed, as it is actually a tent you can unfold to reveal a lavishly structured bed.

Meant for outdoor use, to make camping quite comfortable, someone else might have a different idea for this privacy pop bed and use this as extra room in the house. It’s possible, since the bed does look like a comfortable room. And even the manufacturer says that it can actually work as a room, such as in a dormitory.

Bedding With Digital Prints

This soft duvet cover may be straightforward and simple. The only thing that stands out is that dog that’s sleeping on top of it. Pets make beds messy, but not this dog, who actually has a name — Bob.

Bob will leave paw prints, stinky dog smell and dog fur on the bed. And he will be sleeping on this all the time. It’s because Bob is a digitally printed dog, and even with multiple washings, this print won’t fade away.

Desk Bed by Athanasia Leivaditou

When it comes to beds, I thought I’ve already seen everything and that I shouldn’t be surprised about all the off-beat, quirky and unique bed designs popping on the internet. But, apparently I’ve not seen enough and there will always be something astonishing to find. Such as this desk bed designed by Athanasia Leivaditou.

Fiber Optic Bed Cover

It’s really interesting what people come up with everyday and sometimes, these items produced are more for sheer entertainment than functionality. This luminous bed cover, for one thing, won’t fail to elicit reaction from those who will see it shine and light up at night. The bed has fiber optics sewn into the fabric that when used under a blacklight, it’s going to really listen.

Astronaut Duvet Cover

This duvet cover features a simple print, that of life-sized astronaut’s suit. When a little child lies down on the bed, it would look as if the child is wearing the suit. But because this duvet cover is made by Snurk, a company based in Netherlands, the design features a European astronaut than someone from NASA. It’s still cool for a child to have, though, particularly if that child is someone who dreams of travelling space one day.

Luxurious Leather Ottoman TV Bed

No doubt, this is one luxury bed most people can only dream about. Apart from what looks like a really comfortable sleep setting, with its sleek form, a thick-looking mattress and an obviously smooth sleeping surface, the bed also comes with push-button technology that allows for a TV to pop up, virtually just below one’s feet.

The Spaceship Bed

As a present for his five-year old boy, this father builds this really elaborate bunk bed and designed it into what looks like an inside of a spaceship, using dumpster items. The bed is turned into this masterpiece that’s clearly done with love and passion. The pieces included a lofty bed and a couple of scraps from a television station, hence the “control panel” was set up.

Valencia Mattress

The Valencia Mattress is a collection of mattresses made for the fan of the sports team, which means that owning this or having this should be ideal for someone who knows soccer or football by heart. The mattress is only available in Spain, which is where the Valencia team hails. There are also no specifics to what the mattresses are made of.

Under-The-Sea Inspired Bed

You probably thought this under-the-sea inspired bed is about a little girl’s bedroom, but this is actually as literal as it can get. The bed, or rather the whole bedroom, is built under the waters and it’s found in a resort hotel in Maldives; specifically, at the Conrad Hotel somewhere off India.