The Mattress of The Future?

Found this one on the Sealy Facebook page. It isn’t an actual mattress just yet. But it may very well happen in the future.

Perhaps Sealy or another mattress manufacturing company are doing their studies and research for this hover mattress already.

Marshmallow Bed

This is not exactly a typical bed, as you can’t use it for sleep or rest. But it’s the kind of art piece we don’t often see, much less with a bed or mattress as its main idea. And for that, we love the artist’s interpretation of it.

Designed by Lauren Smith, a mixed media artist from New Jersey, this creation is called “Under The Bed” and features a wooden bed frame with a lot of skewered marshmallows underneath as its “mattress”.

[Video] Mattress Jumping By Hotel Employees

[Video] Mattress Jumping By Hotel Employees

Here’s a bit of mindless fun for Monday!

This is a video of employees at a certain hotel in Wisconsin who decided to capture the moment they started jumping on old hotel mattresses. If you worry about the condition of the mattress, it isn’t something they do often, and hotel clients are, rest assured, still able to sleep on a bed that’s comfortable with good support. Only, this particular mattress they are jumping on is set to be replaced. And so they thought they would have a little fun before the old one is going to be disposed.

Mattress Spring as Photo Holder

This isn’t something you will usually find on a site that features mostly mattresses and beds, but we can’t help but share this wonderful find!

Old mattresses wear out their use in the long run, but many of its parts can still be used for other things, such as a decorative display case or this: a rustic photo holder.

Hush Felt Pod

Presented by Freyja Sewell, a British designer, this watering hole provides the comforts of a bed and more. Dubbed as the “HUSH”, it’s actually a pod that offers the user some privacy and resting place. Unlike a regular bed, however, this pod feels so much more enclosed and secure, that it’s almost like sleeping in your own cocoon.

Vintage Mattress Ad

Check out this vintage mattress ad from a mattress company called Springwall, makers of King Koil, Eclipse and Southern Cross mattresses, which, if we’re not mistaken, are still available in the market even today.

This is an original print ad from the 1950’s, a time when innersprings were still the latest in mattress innovation. What’s so telling about this vintage ad is that the same problems with mattresses and beds are addressed: firmness, sagging (especially on the edges) and the ability to control movement with the “shock absorbers” particularly when sleeping with a partner.

The Enigmum Canopy Bed

Is it possible to fall in love with a bed? Perhaps it is, if the bed is something as gorgeous as this.

The Enigmum is a canopy bed designed by Joseph Walsh who is from Ireland. This piece is part of his Formations collection where he creates furniture that are designed not just for function but also for creating a really stylish personal environment.

Regalo My Cot Portable Bed

Whether used as an extra bed in the master’s bedroom for the little one to sleep on; whether it’s for sleepovers, traveling, camping or naptimes by the patio, this Regalo My Cot Portable Bed offers a comfortable and safe sleepings space that your child would love to be on.

For resting or play, this bed can keep your child occupied for many hours. And while its steel frames are sturdy and up to standards, it isn’t so heavy lugging this around during trips. Dads will have no problem carrying this. It can be easily installed and then packed away when no longer in use.

The Blandito Pad

At first, I didn’t know what to make of the Blandito pad or how it will fit into a house for whatever purpose. But seeing the photos of how flexible this playmat is, based on the photos from the Blandito official site, it’s clearly something that families (particularly if they have children) will want to enjoy.

Nest Boat Mattress

While not traditionally the kind of mattress most people buy or use, this air mattress serves two purposes — first, as an outdoor or camping mattress, and second as a boat to use in the river. Pretty clever, huh?

Designed by Japanese fellows Ivan Zhang & Jeho Yoon, this piece goes from being a mattress to a boat by properly hooking up the rope system that is found inside the mattress. There are seventeen points to these all in all, with the ropes carefully laid out. The rope can be controlled to switch to its different forms. And because it is purposely made to be transparent, it would be easy to see how this is done successfully.

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