Buon Appetito Duvet Cover

If you’re someone who loves to eat while in bed, but really hate the mess that goes with this indulgence, with the food particles falling onto the sheets, then this Buon Appetito, a kind of satin duven cover, was designed with you in mind.

The Energy Pod

Experts say that taking power naps greatly benefits the body and affects a person’s productiveness, particularly in a stressful workplace. This is the idea behind the Energy Pod, a device created to give workers a chance to recuperate and recover, following demanding activities at the office.

Artists Turn Old Mattresses Into Art Exhibit

When you think of discarded mattresses, the closest you can probably picture in your mind about its condition is that these mattresses are often old, dingy and smelly. Discarded mattresses are an eyesore and most people think they belong to the trash. But for a couple of artists, coming up with creative ways on how to make use of discarded mattress turned their idea into an art exhibit that not benefit their work, but it also kept these mattresses off landfills.

What Are Beds Like in Sweden’s Ice Hotel?

Sweden’s Ice Hotel is famous all over the world because everything here (or at least most of it) is built on ice. Even its bedrooms are ice cold, with only reindeer skins as cushion or barrier, to keep the guests from feeling cold.

Do people ever really sleep on these beds? What does it feel like?

The Sculptured Mattress from LLove Hotel

Take a look at this sculptured mattress found only at Tokyo’s Llove Hotel. This artwork (and functional bed) was designed sometime in 2010, as part of an exhibit for the Tokyo Designers Week.

Others called this a mattress that has gone mad, and it does strike you as something that someone left undone and was only place there for the aesthetics and entertainment. Imagine walking in a room like this and see your mattress this long, with a part of it hanging.

Groovy 70’s Bedroom Ideas

One thing that’s striking about the 70’s is that designs are usually big on patterns and colors. And as these interior accessories will show, the bedroom is no exception. Just look at how bold these ideas are for the bed or mattress. Something about the design makes it feel more inviting. It’s a far cry from how most modern ideas today only involve minimal prints and colors because they are touted as more serene and peaceful.

Mattress In Your Shoes!

Designers of running shoes in the UK have created a new type of sneakers that makes use of mattress technology in its soles. Called the Preston Running Shoes, as it is named after the place where the idea was hatched and designed — the University of Central Lancashire, this pair has a miniature pocket springs working under it. The idea behind the pocket springs is so that injuries caused by running or jogging becomes significantly reduced.

The Sky Bed

Enjoy a lazy summer afternoon out in the backyard with the Sky Bed. It looks crude, we know that. But it’s actually pretty comfortable. Some say, it may be more comfortable than sleeping on an actual bed.

The makers of this Sky Bed are proud of the fact that it’s the only flat two-point hammock. Its asymmetric design is supposed to help deliver comfort and support, as it can accommodate more space for rest and relaxation. The hammock itself is made from nylon sleeves, similar to what is used for parachutes. It is the kind that has thermal features, which means that it’s sleep surface can adapt to weather changes, so that it won’t feel hot in the summer. So that it doesn’t easily rip, the hammock is reinforced with webbed seams.

Andrea Warner is Guinness’ Fastest Bed Maker

Hotel manager Andrea Warner from London broke a Guinness World Record when she attempted and succeeded to make a king size bed in just under 74 seconds. The feat was done during the opening of Travelodge’s 60th hotel in Northhamptonshire, in front of about 200 witnesses, including the Deputy Mayor of London for Business & Enterprise.

The Pillow for Long Distance Lovers

Separated by thousands of miles, couples who are currently staying in one place can sleep comfortably with this creative pillow. This has been designed to light up and glow whenever their partner, who is on the other end of the world, also holds it close or sleeps with it.

Based on a design student’s idea, the pillow is aptly named “Pillow talk” and makes use of technological sensors and fabric panels that the couple will have to wear every time they go to bed. When it’s time for sleep, the panels and sensors will send signals to each other, causing the pillows to glow, indicating each other’s presence. Further to that, the pillow is also designed to ¬†allow partners to be able to hear each other heartbeats when they rest their heads on the pillow.

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