Why Are 19th Century Beds So High and Bulky?

Many beds in the mid-century and in many historic homes even today are built quite a bit higher than regular traditional beds. Have you ever noticed that? It’s typical to see a historic home with beds that seem to tower up. One of the reasons for this is because beds during the 19th century were more than just sheets, pillows and the occasional feather covers. These beds were usually designed as four-poster beds, with all the complexities of layers upon layers of other key items.

World’s Largest Mattress To Be Unveiled in Georgia

World’s Largest Mattress To Be Unveiled in Georgia

A furniture and home store in Georgia is preparing for the unveiling of the World’s Largest Mattress this coming Saturday. Real Deals on Furniture and Home Décor is set to present a mattress measuring 38 by 80 feet in a Christmas event that will be graced by no less then Santa Claus. Kids have been invited to play and jump on this mattress, which is also pegged to cover more than 3,000 square feet of space.

An Armchair Made From Mattress

Dubbed the Huggy Armchair, this whimsical creation features a mattress, in multiple color at that, wrapped around a base that is shaped like a basin or drum. The result is like a wafer cone seater that can actually be broken down into a single bed. It’s a modern and creative solution for small spaces. And it’s quite practical, too.

Privacy Pop Bed Tent

Going camping soon? One of the things that’s inconvenient about sleeping outdoors on a tent is that the setting of the bed is too low on the ground. Well, the idea of camping is in roughing it, but perhaps you’re the type who wants to take it up a notch and provide for a better sleeping arrangement. This bed tent can give you that comfort and convenience you’re yearning for when you’re camping outdoors.

Breakfast Pillows, Anyone?

The Japanese love to create unusual items with pillows but we would have never expected this from a German company.

Aufschnitt Berlin, which is owned by textile designer Silvia Wild, has developed and manufactured a line of hand-stitched pillows and cushions that are modelled after breakfast food products, such as these examples below.

How To Get Creative With a Mattress For A Costume

Scrimping for a Halloween costume in the last minute? Why not make use of your old mattress before finally ditching this?

It may not sound so easy, especially if you’re using a traditional mattress with loads of spring inside. But if you have the right tools, it can be a simple process. Your mattress is old anyway, so deconstructing it to use its other parts wouldn’t be so bad.

Interchangeable Wool Furniture

Wool has the reputation for being sustainable and eco-friendly. It’s also low maintenance and very conducive to against weather changes, most especially during cold spells.

This ingenious idea from designer of Patricia Urquiola, who is famous for her Mangas Rugs, is another way of revolutionizing how one can dress up the house interiors with practical and comfortable furniture.

The Difference Between Men & Women When it Comes to Sleep

As with anything in life, there is a notable and remarkable difference between a man and a woman’s sleeping habits, as show in this infographic from Jawbone. From the time we prepare ourselves for bed, to the time we wake up, to the choices of pillows, sheet counts and mattresses, to our sleepwear preferences, to the the things we want to do best while in bed — these are all defined by our gender. And yet, we’re probably the only species on Earth who can sleep together well next to another human being.

Firebox Stackable Sleeping Pods

This sleeping pod is probably not for those with claustrophobia, but for anyone else looking to have different kind of sleep experience, this would be all sorts of appealing. Designed as a tube, this bed (or pod, as it is more aptly called) is made using polycarbonate material and frosted glass. The purpose of such a pod is so that it blocks off noise from the outside, thus enabling one to sleep better.

Mattress Scare Prank For Halloween

Mattress Scare Prank For Halloween

Pranks and scare tactics are trending these days because it’s the Halloween season. On the internet, we found this video of someone who made use of an old mattress to scare unsuspecting people passing by a lowly street corner. You would think this mattress was just something that wasn’t properly disposed of, but wait till you see what it really does! As with any prank, the result is pretty funny, and a bit scary too.

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