Do You Have Restrictions In Your Bedroom?

Growing up in a big family house, I had an aunt who didn’t like for other family members to sit or lie down on her bed. Everyone respected that and she has kept her space pretty much clean and neat the whole time. She wanted to keep her sleep area neat and orderly for sleeping. She even disapproves of eating while reading in bed (something that a lot of us do, I’m sure!).

Mattress Selling for $1M on Craigslist

Some guy on Craigslist has listed his used mattress for sale. There is nothing wrong with that. Lots of people sell their mattresses on that site and elsewhere online. What’s baffling about it is that the guy is selling this for a cool one million dollars ($1,000,000!), when it’s nothing extra-ordinary. It’s a basic queen-sized Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress, which retails between $500-$1000 brand new.

This is literally a Green Mattress

When we say “green bed” or “green mattress” we know that this is a mattress made from sustainable materials or organic products. But this type of green bed takes the phrase in its literal sense, as this is bed is made of wood and a grass surface serves as its mattress.

Crazy Vertical Bed By Ernesto Neto

Ideally, this vertical bed was not designed for sleeping but it’s actually an art piece, which means it’s meant for display only. But I can’t seem to forget about how it looks though. Despite its unusual position — which, dare I say, vampires must really like since the bed is supposedly standing up vertically — the mattress’ big and bulky design seems very comfortable and soft to lie and sleep on.

You Missed The Chance To Sleep With Prince William!

Yep, you missed it! And it’s not just because the Duke of Cambridge is already married, but also because this London hotel chain’s offer went on a limited one-night run only!!!

Last April 28, the Premiere Inn located in Bedfordshire in London treated guests to chance to sleep like Royalty. Special rooms were featured with this snazzy “royal bedding” covering the mattresses. It had the full-sized replica of the bodies of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate. The replica was without a head, but it was strategically designed to look as though guests were the royal couple.

Bed In A Red Dress

The parade of weird bed designs doesn’t stop here on Mattresszine and today I found this one, a bed that’s all dressed up as if it was set to go to a ball or something.

This bed is seen in a fashion hotel in Milan called the Maison Moschino.

I’ve not yet been inside a fashion hotel so I don’t have any idea how different it is from a regular hotel. But you can probably imagine that the place would be teeming with beautiful and aesthetically pleasing pieces. And this bed in a dress is just one example.

The Sandwich Bed

Looking at this photo of the Sandwhich Bed made me really hungry! It would be torture to sleep in a bedroom like this because it would be so hard to not think about food. But this is an actual bedroom, one that is said to be found in the Fantasuite Hotel in Wisconsin.

This bedroom is inspired by Happy Days, which explained the 60’s Diners Theme.

The Roller Coaster Bed

Well alright, maybe no one can ever sleep on a bed designed like this but I have to admit that I find the idea intriguingly tempting.

These roller coaster beds are part of an exhibit at the Hayward Gallery, located in London where some 30 artists featured interior design pieces that show “the evolution of interior and exterior environments.”

Batman Motel Bedroom

Can you comfortably sleep and rest in the bedroom like this?

Found in Kaohsiung in Taiwan…

This motel room has a unique decor that will truly blow you away, especially if you’re a Batman fan.

Everything about this room is inspired by this dark comic book character. From the king size bed, to the couch or sofa seater, to the walls and mirrors and the Batman logos found in many of the stuff inside, this bedroom will make your escapade even more noteworthy.

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