Mattress Idea: Twist Your Own Mattress

There’s an e-book being sold on Etsy that provides a new way of having a mattress that works either as an extra sleeping space or a play area, especially for a house with kids.

The e-book provides a step by step instruction to the Twist DIY Mattress, and it enumerates how to build this from scratch, with any materials of your choosing.

Creating the Illusion of a Bigger Bed

Home improvement and D.I.Y. projects are so on trend in social media around this time. Because it’s the start of a brand new year, many are so eager to get with tasks and projects that they could accomplish for 2014 to make their year better. Of the many home ideas we’ve come across for tackling this year, this trick in the bedroom was what caught our interest.

Bed MadeEZ Bedding Accessory

How do they keep bedding so spic and span or tucked neatly in hotels or at display stores? Most of us would like to have a bed made perfectly like that and now, with the help of the Bed MadeEZ bedding accessory, it’s possible to have one!

With Bed MadeEZ, you don’t have to use your hands or fingers to tuck the sheets in. There’s no reason to ruin or manicure or feel pain in your hands or on the back, particularly when the mattress is so heavy when you try to lift it.

DIY Mattress from Open Your Eyes Bedding

If, for whatever reasons, you find dissatisfacton over the many choices of mattress in the market today, Open Your Eyes Bedding should be a great alternative. This site encourages consumers to literally make their own mattress. They supply the materials, free of any chemicals, add-ons and what-nots…and then you do the construction.

How To Create A Five Star Bed At Home

There is no doubt that many of us are looking to sleep in a bed that provides us with utmost comfort and rest. In most cases, luxury hotel beds offer these. But you can create a bedroom environment just like it, by following these simple tips:

Mattress – no matter what brand you have, the most important thing to consider with mattresses is that it must be something that your body is comfortable with. There are several types of mattresses, with several designs. Not every mattress works for you and only you can tell if a mattress actually fits so snuggly with what you prefer.

Mattress Trick: Upholstering Twin Mattresses

Using just big safety pins and fabric, you can easily upholster an old twin mattress and use it for another part of the house.

The blog Wonderfully Made demonstrates how this twin mattress below has been “refurbished” so to speak, so that it becomes a neat outdoor furniture.

Trick To Extending Top Sheets

At times, I find that the top sheets I’ve purchased aren’t the exact size as the bed we have. Unfortunately, our mattress is customized and it’s a fit between a full sized and a queen sized mattress, thus sheets fitting it can be a hit and miss.

If you have this same dilemma as ours, there’s a trick to remedy this by adding an extra piece of length at the bottom part. Use an old blanket or sheet that you’re ready to dispose and take about two or three inches in excess, or depending on how long you need the extra for, and have this sewn on the edges of the bottom part.

For Christmas, I’m Getting A Bedroom Corner Makeover!

One of the presents I got from the husband this year is a make-over of my bedroom corner. He’s volunteered to make my space a lot more organized and structured, seeing as how I keep many of our junk in there (including his!).  It’s been piling up and I need more shelves and storage space. So, I’m looking into some design ideas for how I want my corner to look and if the hubs can actually do this himself.

DIY – How to Cut and Convert a Mattress into a Couch!

Most of probably don’t realize that a mattress can be sawed, hacked into smaller pieces to make new furniture.

Well, we found a great set of instructions over at instructables that show exactly how to convert a mattress into a couch by first cutting through the spring boxes and the mattress, then sewing all of it back together.

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