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Introducing the Duvalay For Motor Home Owners

The Duvalay is a new invention by husband and wife Liz and Alan Colleran, which was featured in a show called the Dragon’s Den in the UK.

This bedding accessory is perfect for caravan sleepers or motor home owners and is designed to deliver a great, warm sleep at night as the Duvalay can be zipped all the way to cover one’s body and still feel cozy, secure and comfortable in bed.

Spring Air Releases BioMax Collection

Spring Air, one of the top 15 bedding lines in America, is releasing four different models of mattresses for its BioMax Collection and says it is the first company to release an eco-mattress which delivers “third-party environmental transparency.

What that means is that many of the materials and the standards they have put and adopted to these mattresses has been documented and has earned their rightful seal from Specialty Sleep Assn.’s Environmental & Safety Program officials. The mattress has been certified.

Mattress Store Secrets You Should Know

Since studies say we spend a third of our lives in bed, picking out a good and high quality mattress is essential to our buying power. A mattress purchase is an investment that is much important as buying a car or a house. You have to reap all the benefits or else suffer the consequences of buying something that falls short of your expectations.

The New VerloAire Adjustable Airbed

More and more people are opting to buy adjustable air beds over a regular mattress. Because the sleeping area can be adjusted, it sort of guarantees that you’re getting the comfort that you want from a bed. Adjustable airbeds are mostly popular with older consumers and according to a marketing research, there’s at least one air bed that is sold, for every ten mattresses.

Snooze At Work And Get Paid For It!

Sleepy, the mattress company, has a nice cushy offer for someone who would like to sleep on the job and get paid for it. The company is looking for a Snooze Director.

The Snooze Director is going to be someone who would test mattresses that Sleepy’s carry in their store. He would have the privilege of testing the products, by sleeping on it, of course. After each test, he would be blogging about this and publishing his experience in several social media platforms.

Kluft Mattress Introduces the New $44,000 Luxury Mattress Called “Sublime”

Kluft Mattress is known all over the world for its luxury mattress. Their American-made beds are indeed quite pricey, with the last model, the Palais Royale plush mattress, selling at $33,000 each at Bloomingdale’s where it is exclusively being sold.

The Palais Royale, in spite it’s pricey tag, has been much sought after, which is why the company has decided to create a new line of luxury mattress called the Sublime.

Mattress Firm Backs Pancreatic Research Campaign

In these times when the economy is down and the bedding company is struggling, it’s great to know that Mattress Firm is putting efforts into supporting an organization for charity.

The company has partnered with Translational Genomics Research Institute, in the hopes of finding good and solid cures to pancreatic cancer and its research. In doing so, Mattress Firm would be able to help other pancreatic cancer advocates as well as it the globalCure, a TGen-led alliance of scientists and physicians.

Consumer Report Answers Your Mattress Mystery Questions

I was able to dig up this information while looking for something else at the Consumer Reports website. It answers very basic questions people usually ask when purchasing a mattress and I think that this will provide a bigger and clearer picture of what is behind the sales and marketing of some of the mattresses we see in stores.

Trump Luxury Sleep System

Trump Luxury Sleep System

If you’re checking into a Trump Luxury Hotel in Chicago in the spring of 2008 and beyond, you will be enjoying the comforts of a sleep system exclusively developed for the hotel by Stearns and Foster. Among what guests like you can expect include:

A mattress that is crafted from the finest materials, including elegant silk and sumptuous wool fibers, zoned convoluted foam, and multiple layers of proprietary Flawless Foam. Guests will feel rich, luxurious comfort, contouring support, and long-lasting resilience on the Trump by Stearns & Foster.

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