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InnoMax’s Frame Free™ Perfections™ Sponge Bed™

Bed technology in today’s times have really improved but long before memory foams and gel mattresses were developed, people seeking comfortable sleep rely on waterbeds best. The technology for waterbeds, over time, have also improved, especially with the launch of InnoMax’s Frame Free™ Perfections™ Sponge Bed™.

Bedroom Ideas from Italy’s Tumidei

Tumidei is an Italian furniture company that created these wonderful bedroom ideas to complete their 2012 collection:

Perfect for a room with a small space, the beds are incorporated into the whole design. I like how the mattress sort of makes up the whole bed already, since its thick and looks sturdier. The mattress frames, if you can call it that, are actually the structures in the room.

The Innovative Dot Bed

Italian beds do come in the most interesting design. Like this Dot Bed that looks simple and organic enough, except that is round.

But the bed was designed as a multi-purpose furniture. The shelf/headboard looks like a planet’s ring, which you can actually move to the center of the bed, to create a division, or use as a table.

Boyd Specialty Sleep Expands Bed Line

Boyd Specialty Sleep, a company that has been in business since the late 70’s, is expanding its line of beds and mattresses with newly designed ones that come with steel frames.

The price range for these new models, which mostly consist of platform beds, go from $299 to $599. It’s a affordable than most traditional box spring mattresses and bed frames, and comes with a stylish design to boot.

Philippe Boulet’s Poesy Bed

I can imagine what it feels like to sleep on a bed that illuminates. It must be dreamy and fairytale-like and this is exactly why Philippe Boulet hatched this idea.

Fitting the bed with electronics and lights (particularly LED lights), some fiberoptics and using nanotechnology, the creation is a stunning piece, which lights up in different colors:

Bed Frame Made From Beer Bootles Fetch $3,000

A carpenter from Australia has made profits off his beer-drinking spree when he created something out of the beer bottles he’s drank and sold it for $3,000.

The bottles, reports say, were just stored and left at his garage for years, when the carpenter suddenly had an idea of making a bed using these.

Impero Bed Lounger

Here’s another one of those unusual bed ideas that we usually come across online. This bed is both an indoor and an outdoor furniture and comes with a remote control system that allows for the bed to turn in circular motion. Now why would anyone wanna do that? Well, apparently this bed is also great for lounging outside, so that you’d get a lovely tan. And with it slowly turning as you’re on it, you get a tan that’s even and uniformed.

Tuscany Bed from Horchow

What a gorgeous bed to have in the bedroom! It looks straight out of a storybook, doesn’t it?

This bed is made of a combined iron material, with birch and veneer solids. It comes with a matching armoire set, and the night stand, which should prettify a lady or a little girl’s bedroom really well.

Royal Fortune Montepsan Bed

This is one gorgeous bed that comes with such intricate carvings and is painted in black lacquer. The treatment of the black lacquer makes this bed all the more elegant and grand. The wood for this bed, mahogany, is actually grand as it is, but everything else that’s made to this bed ups the ante even more.

The Land of The Nod Bed Frame Recall

Here’s a consumer advisory for those who have purchased this particular bed frame from The Land of the Nod:

The Land of Nod Recalls Bed Frames Due to Entrapment Hazard

The following product safety recall was voluntarily conducted by the firm in cooperation with the CPSC. Consumers should stop using the product immediately unless otherwise instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product.

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