Category: MATTRESS Frame

Craftmatic Adjustable Beds

Craftmatic has been in the industry for many years, and it’s quite a popular choice among the elderly. There have been many satisfied users for this adjustable bed, but also some complaints have sprung up on the internet in recent times.

Of course, comfort has to be on a case to case basis, but for those that have been happy with their Craftmatic, the most popular choice is usually its Model 1, which comes with the Full-Body Wave Massage and a timer. The bed can be positioned through a remote control that offers many options for adjustments. Model 1 has a fast motor that doesn’t make noise when in operation, so as not to distract the person sleeping.

Luxurious Leather Ottoman TV Bed

No doubt, this is one luxury bed most people can only dream about. Apart from what looks like a really comfortable sleep setting, with its sleek form, a thick-looking mattress and an obviously smooth sleeping surface, the bed also comes with push-button technology that allows for a TV to pop up, virtually just below one’s feet.

Serenity Firm Mattress

A very low maintenance mattress that does not require flipping, this is made with a wooden foundation out of dried kiln and has a split type support and done as a low profile bed for utmost comfort. The construction has been done to make sure that the mattress’ life is long and enduring to many years of use.

The Spaceship Bed

As a present for his five-year old boy, this father builds this really elaborate bunk bed and designed it into what looks like an inside of a spaceship, using dumpster items. The bed is turned into this masterpiece that’s clearly done with love and passion. The pieces included a lofty bed and a couple of scraps from a television station, hence the “control panel” was set up.

Fiery Magenta Futon Mattress

Blazing in a shade of red, this futon mattress adds a contempary and stylish touch to a bedroom. If you have a college dormer, growing pre-teen in the house, this would be an ideal extra bed for sleepovers.

The mattress is about 6 inches and is covered in twill. The fillings are made from recycled fibers delivering firm support and comfort altogehter.

Beautyrest Queen Adjustable Foundation in NuFlex Brow

With this bed frame you can enjoy your most comfortable sleep position and rest really well. The bed features pre-selected positions that allows you to either sleep flat or recline a little as you read and relax in bed. The frames actually move with the help of a remote, which makes the adjustments easier to do.

BRC Design’s Suspended Bed

Here’s another suspended idea from a company called BRC Design. They made use of a reclaimed Birdseye maple wood, which then served as flooring and is now converted into this hanging bed. Attached with ropes and most likely nailed by the side of the headboard, the bed fits a standard sized mattress, or even one you can fashion as your own mattress using recycled materials as well.

IRIS: Colorful Rainbow Furniture

Want an instant lift in the bedroom? You can easily do this by adding color with the help of accessories or furnishing, such as as this colored foams that has been put together to resemble a couch or a lounge bed.

Designed by Lubo Majer for Company DIZAJNO, this rainbow-inspired furniture serves not just to brighten a room, it’s also functional as a seating or a resting place. It makes up seven elements of the colors of the rainbow, and is anchored by a table with a glass plate that mimics water drops of the rain.

A Creative DIY Bed Idea

I’ve been to a friend’s house with lots of scraps of wood lying in the backyard, and it made me think of this idea I’ve read about a couple of months back, where scraps of wood like these:

Were turned to these:

It is amazing what one can do with it! I’ve got no crafty hands so I would rather not attempt this project, but the people over at The Accent Piece makes it look so easy! Follow this post to see how they turned scrap wood in to a really beautiful bed that now sits a thick and comfortable mattress! After a long day of working on the bed, sleeping on the finished piece is definitely very satisfying.

Groovy Aquarium Bed

To be precise this bed isn’t really the item that’s fitted with aquarium features. The mattress, pillows and bedding accessories are still the same. But the structure framing the bed is a customized luxury fish tank. It’s roughly a 650-gallon tank that in total will cost about $11,500 including the bed.

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