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Serta’s Metal Beds

Serta is coming up with a series of metal beds with decorative frames. The beds are going to be desgined and manufactured by Bell’O International, which is a supplier of furniture and other accessories based in New Jersey. The price for these is expected to drop between $350 to $600, and comes in two sizes: king and queen.

The Enigmum Canopy Bed

Is it possible to fall in love with a bed? Perhaps it is, if the bed is something as gorgeous as this.

The Enigmum is a canopy bed designed by Joseph Walsh who is from Ireland. This piece is part of his Formations collection where he creates furniture that are designed not just for function but also for creating a really stylish personal environment.

Shagreen Bed Designed by Jonathan Charles

As part of Jonathan Charles’ Metropolitan collection, this bed is presented with black shagreen and macassar ebony. The materials alone are exquisite, but the bed’s appearance is even more commendable. It looks exotic and superior, ideally a bed that belongs to any of Manhattan’s lofty but fabulous abodes.

Sofa Bed in the shape of a Keyboard

It’s quite fitting to have a sofa bed like this when we’re pretty sure plenty of people have experienced sleeping on their keyboards while browsing the internet. The idea behind this design is to make the “transition” easier. The sofa can recline to become a really comfortable sleep surface. The user just have to pop the letter D so that the sofa can stretch.

Sleep Master Bi-fold Box Spring Mattress

Your mattress needs a solid foundation and this bi-fold mattress from Sleep Master may just be the right one fo ryou. It’s easy to install, since the foundation is foldable, thus allowing for maneuvering. Made of metal frame that allows for durability, you just have to lock this in position with your mattress, then zip it up with the custom made cover, then it’s already good to use. The foundations are labeled top and bottom, so you know you won’t be installing it incorrectly.

Concept Bed: The Mondrian

This concept bed frame is designed by Fabian Gatermann for the Die Wohngemeinschaft, a hostel based in Cologne, Germany. Its made of shipping pallets, but painted with different colors for an added appeal. The inspiration for this bed comes from Piet Mondrian’ s work in the 20’s.

What do you think? Pretty contemporary looking, huh?

This Mattress is $175,000

Savoir Beds, makers of quality luxury mattresses in the UK, is said to be releaseing a limited edition Royal Bed. The price tag for this exclusive release is pegged at an astounding $175,000.

The mattress will all be handmade and will require 700 labor hours to finish. The special materials that will be used for this mattress include cashmere from Mongolia, silk that will be made in New York and Miami, and Latin American horse tails. The beds will bear crests or symbols of the Royal family, which will be sewn by hand by the members of the Royal School of Needlework, who apparently also did parts of the wedding dress of Kate Middleton.

Leggett & Platt Unveils New Mattress Frames Set

As reported in Bedtimes Magazine, luxury mattress brand Leggett & Platt has released a set of decorative headboards and frames that would go well with its mattress collection, or any type of mattress for that matter.

Shown in this photo is one example, with Herman Tam, the brand’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, presenting it a the recent Las Vegas Market, which took place on the last week of January. This particular headboard and frame is made of weathered wood but it also comes with “titanium hardware accents”. Mr. Tam calls this set as a crowd-pleaser.

Bontempi Casa Malou Upholstered Bed

Sleep well in a reclined position and in the lap of luxury with this upholstered bed that features adjustable headboards as well as side support.

The bed also comes with a storage underneath. Metal feet keeps this bed slightly high up on the floor, and these can come in other white or chrome finish. Consumers also have to choice to go with either white eco-leather or the dark chocolate variety for the leather and if so willing, can also buy the compatible nightsland which comes with a glossy finish.

Chic Evening Breeze Canopy Bed

Without the canopy hovering on top of the mattress, this bed would probably just like any other bed. However, there’s a reason why the canopy is there, as it is designed to adjust the temparature around the area, providing an ideal sleeping space. The canopy is, in fact, a ventilating system that is controlled by a remote. It is especially helpful for those living under unpredictable weather conditions where the heat or cold can be so unbearable. The canopy produces no draft and it is energy efficient, much like how a ventilator works, but probably better.

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