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ZedBed Oasis Flex Mattress

ZedBed Oasis Flex Mattress

Canadian mattress maker, Zedbed, is offering a wonderful option for those seeking to purchase a new mattress in this part of Northern America. The company offers a special type of memory foam mattress that comes with features that consumers can customize according to their choosing. Dubbed the Oasis Flex Mattress, the bed itself is already unique and impressive in its style. Done in bold black and white prints, the Oasis Flex Mattress offers the ability for its users to pick parts of the bed into the kind they require, thus making this bed all the more appealing.

Pallet Bed: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Designers regard the pallet bed frame as a cheaper alternative to an actual bed frame. A pallet is normally made up of wood planks and used as a wooden carrier. It’s mostly found wherever there are cargos and basically, you only need to recycle these wooden planks to use for the bed. If you’re tight on the budget and unable to buy actual furniture, or if you have little design knowledge and creative output, the pallet would be convenient to use because you can simply just prop up a mattress over it.

The Mermaid Bed

How eccentric would you have to be to have a bed like this? While it’s called The Mermaid Bed, we think it most appropriately resembles an oyster. Names and resemblance aside, however, it can’t be denied that this bed is truly one of a kind. Weird (or fun?) as it may look, someone actually decided this would be a good bed for their room.

The Bellavita

When it comes to bed designs, the Italians seem to never run out of ways to innovate it. Take for instance this Bellavita bed, which is hardly what you would call traditional.

The bed looks as if it’s all just a bunch of big pillows, with the headboard also designed in foam. These foams are seamless, but quilted, so that it keeps the form together despite the absence of actual, solid metal or wood frames. Thick upholstery serves as an added layer that protects what’s inside. But at the same time, it also lends an aesthetic appeal to the design as it can be made into different colors.

Ergo Premier from Tempur-Pedic

The Ergo Premier is an adjustable base and frame designed for some selected Tempur-Pedic mattress. It provides a number of ergonomically correct positions for sleeping and resting, much to the delight of the users. Plus, it also provides a rejuvenating feature for massage.

Privacy Pop Bed Tent

Going camping soon? One of the things that’s inconvenient about sleeping outdoors on a tent is that the setting of the bed is too low on the ground. Well, the idea of camping is in roughing it, but perhaps you’re the type who wants to take it up a notch and provide for a better sleeping arrangement. This bed tent can give you that comfort and convenience you’re yearning for when you’re camping outdoors.

Elevator Beds As A Space-Saving Cooler Option

Those who live in the city may have all the conveniences and perks of living in the hustle and bustle. But many city dwellers always have to contend with problems with space, particularly the lack of it. And this is what Espacce Loggia, an Italian furniture maker, has envisioned when the company decided to create a series of mobile beds.

The 365 Sofa Bed

If you’re living in a small space loft or apartment, coming up with space saving solutions can be a real challenge. But with a sofa and bed combo like this from Campeggi, the problem may just be finally resolved.

Bed Designed With Stones

From the Originals, a collection by Noctis, a furniture store in Italy, comes this imaginative bed that is designed with stones at the headboard. But make no mistake, these are not real rough and hard stones. The pieces are actually soft and made of faux leather material. The idea, however, creates a design illusion that makes this bedroom quite the art piece.

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