Category: Kids Mattress

Fiery Magenta Futon Mattress

Blazing in a shade of red, this futon mattress adds a contempary and stylish touch to a bedroom. If you have a college dormer, growing pre-teen in the house, this would be an ideal extra bed for sleepovers.

The mattress is about 6 inches and is covered in twill. The fillings are made from recycled fibers delivering firm support and comfort altogehter.

The Totoro Bed

The Totoro Bed is inspired from the creation of premiere Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki and his award-winning film, “My Neighbor Totoro”.

This bed would go well with a toddler or a young child’s house, who will, no doubt, find amusement in it. It’s a bed that delivers both pleasure and play, because the design of it is hardly restricted. Because it is set so low, there is no danger of a child falling of it. The whole thing measures 39cm (15.4″) in width x 28cm (11.0″) in height and is made of polyester and cotton.

Slipper-Sock Play Mattress

Designed by Mathilde Br├ętillot, this slipper-sock play mattress is an innovative idea for making kid furniture fun and useful. Although it does look quite small, the size is just perfect for little kids. It appeals to them as well, as the play mattress itself, with its tubes and its stripes, look intriguing and interesting. This slipper-sock play mattress is distributed by Coll├ęgien, a French brand.

Ohea Smart Bed

Ohea Smart Bed

As a mother, I know kids least enjoy having to make up their bed in the morning and I can imagine that many parents know what I’m talking about.

Somewhere in Spain, someone must have thought that all this nagging isn’t helping. What does help? Perhaps this bed will. It’s one smart bed, which actually knows how to clean up after itself. The bed is mechanical and with one push of a button, it can tuck away sheets, blankets and pillows with ease, much to the amusement of the child who is sleeping on it.

Choosing The Right Mattress For Kids

When it comes to the right mattress to buy for children, do we essentially follow the same principles as when we’re buying mattress for ourselves?

As with any type of bed in the market, there is quite an overwhelming number available. It’s again, hard to choose the right one to get. But with children, the main thing to consider is actually the size of the mattress. Since they’re still growing, it may be worthy to pick a mattress that has an allowance for the growth spurt.

Kids Come Up With eMattress Prototype

A group of young kids in the UK has devised a prototype mattress that apparently generates electricity as one is sleeping.

The mattress invention was undertaken by students of Catalyst Science Discovery Centre which was part of their National Enterprise Week. The students were tasked to come up with an item that can help save the environment.

Fun, Fun, Fun Doodle Duvet Cover

Finding a child drawing and coloring on the bedding is a nightmare for some mothers. But I think Mom will have no objection wit this Doodle Duvet Cover.

This bedding serves a double purpose — to cover the bed when no one is actually sleeping under the sheets, and to allow her to play and explore her creative side in it.

Mattress Helped Save The Life of 5 Year Old Boy

A five year old boy in China, who was playing near an 8-inch space difference with two houses, was trapped in it and had to be assisted by rescue workers so that he could get out. The people who helped tried everything, including spraying oil on the boy, as well as using an inflatable mattress.

The Bird’s Nest

Would you sleep in a bed like this?

Looks mighty fun isn’t it? Not quite sure how comfortable the big orange and ecru pillows are but I’m loving the wide space of this bed. Obviously, it’s inspired from a bird’s nest. If birds are comfortable with a sleeping space like this, I guess it can work with people.

Pebble Organic Mattress

One of the latest organic crib mattress in the market is this highly engineered design from Nook Sleep Systems. Uniquely designed with a pebble-like surface, this mattress allows for proper oxygen flow, breathable and very relaxing but also uninviting to mites and microbe. The mattress is so lightweight and for maintenance, you can wash this. Without any toxic components, the mattress is made off all-natural eucalyptus fibers.

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