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Latest Latex Mattress Buying Guide via Consumer Mattress Reports

The Consumer Mattress Reports has released a latex mattress checklist for those considering making a purchase of the latest latex mattress anytime soon.

As you already know, there are many different brands and types of latex mattress in the market and its choices can be overwhelming, especially for a consumer who is bent on buying a mattress that will be used for many, many years. It makes buying more difficult to do because no one wants to be stuck with a bad mattress for that long. However, most prudent consumers only have to do their homework and put care and thought to mattress buying and this is where the checklist from the Consumer Mattress Report will come in handy.

Yulex Bio-Latex™ Mattress Collection

Pure LatexBLISS introduces its new line of mattress called the Yulex Collection at the Las Vegas Furniture Market this week.

The collection includes items that are made from renewable biomaterials grown in America. It makes use of guayule, found mostly in the Southwestern parts, in the manufacture of the mattresses. This material apparently provides what is essentially most in demand with mattresses: elastic, but soft and durable.

[Video] How Latex Mattresses Are Made

[Video] How Latex Mattresses Are Made

Curious as to how they make all those latex mattresses? Here’s a rather cute but informative video on how latex mattresses are made. It’s simply done with lots of wonderful colors, that even your six year old child will understand it, just by looking at the photos.

eRest Bedding at the Las Vegas Market

eREST Bedding will be at the Las Vegas Market this year and will be featuring their eORGANIC and eSUPREME products. These are made of natural latex with organic cotton and eco wool cover. The mattresses and bedding are designed to give one the healthiest and most comfortable sleep.

From a statement by the president of National Eco Wholesale, eRest’s parent company, Steve Savage: “After being in various natural product industries for over 20 years, I’ve never seen a product that serves so many benefits that the traditional products don’t have. The eREST mattresses are not only one of the highest quality latex beds in the industry, but are completely customizable and being a direct importer, priced to be more affordable.”

How To Tell A Good Quality Latex Mattress From A Bad One

The market is filled with different brands of latex mattresses, sold at different prices. Admittedly, when you say latex mattress, you expect a product that is not only high in quality, but also priced quite expensively than regular mattresses. Choosing one that gives you full value for your money is important, because buying latex mattresses is not just an expense you decide on a whim. You would have to be stuck with this mattress for a really long time as well.

Latex Mattress Now More Preferred By Consumers

Mattress consumers from North America are slowly catching on to the latex mattress as a necessity that’s a better alternative than a memory foam mattress. Part of the reason for this shift is because latex mattresses are not synthetically made. It comes from natural foam rubber and is better for several factors — such as it’s hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and dust-mite resistant, while still delivering the same softness, cushion and quality as a memory foam.

Why Choosing Latex Mattress Over Memory Foam Mattress Is Superior

While both a latex mattress and a Latex mattresses and a visco-elastic mattresses or memory foam mattress offer cradling impressions that makes sleep a lot more comfortable, a latex mattress is said to be far more superior than a memory foam because it is generally biodegradable.

Latex mattresses are manufactured using natural talalay latex, it’s as plain and simple as that.

Who Can Use Latex Mattresses?

Latex mattress are known to provide fantastic support and feel, which makes sleep a lot more comfortable, rejuvenating and relaxing. A latex mattress is made to conform to the body’s shape, which is why people who have been using it are swearing by its quality, in spite of it’s price.

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