Category: Crib Mattress

Lightest Baby Mattress: Lullaby Earth

Lullaby Earth offers its Super Lightweight Crib Mattress, a bedding accessory that is only 7 lbs. A parent can change the mattress sheets easily, even as they carry the baby, and will no have problem with it. Mattresses usually weigh about 20 lbs, which really makes a lot of difference. Maintence then makes it easy, and the mattress itself is also easy to clean. On top of this, the mattress is lightweight, recyclable and nontoxic, making it healthier for your baby to sleep on.

The Natural Mat Top Mattress

Instantly turn your baby’s crib mattress into an organic sanctuary by adding this top mattress from Natural Mat. What this is, is basically a mattress topper for the crib, which you can put in between the mattress and the baby’s sheet.

The Top Mat is made of two layers of organic lambswool. It is breathable and provides the crib with good ventilation. The mattress topper has also been treated with lavender, lemon and eucalyptus essential oils for protection against dust mites and bed bugs, as well as allergens.

Pebbled Crib Mattress

A unique infant mattress featuring a pebbled texture that promotes the proper flow of air inside the mattress. This is made with eucalyptus fibers and provides an ultra comfortable sleep environment for the baby. It’s non-toxic with a smart design, and is priced at about $550. What more can you ask from a baby mattress?

Stylish Bamboo Bedding From Acacia

Few people have already sworn by how cool bamboo bedding is and I’ve seen this lovely and fashionable bedding design from Acacia.

I absolutely love the colors of this set. And I also like the rivets on the surface. It gives it texture and style.

It keeps warm sleepers cool and cool sleepers warm. Lightweight, silky-soft, breathable, and antibacterial, it wicks away moisture and gets softer with each washing. How perfect is that? Coverlet, shams, sheets, and cases are all 100% rayon from bamboo. Coverlet is quilted on both sides; sham is quilted on one side, reverses to sheeting fabric. Available in Hemp, Soft Blue, White, Sable, Copper, Ivory, Silver, Lotus, Grass Green, and Sea Glass. Imported.

A Mattress That Can Save Babies from SIDS

A local businessman in Detroit claims to have the one mattress that will help parents of infants who are worried that their child may die from SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Secure Beginnings C.E.O Kelly Obriot has created a mattress that is made from a thin and breathable organic material, with air flow channels underneath it. The mattress supposedly helps babies breathe properly, despite their sleeping position. Obriot is a parent himself and he intended this for his own kids. He understands the parents’ worries and needs when it comes to this.

NaturePedic Releases Recyclable Flame-Retardant Mattress

NaturePedic, a manufacturer of ¬†crib mattresses and other baby bedding needs, is releasing a new collection called “Lullaby Earth”, which is dubbed as the first recyclable mattress that requires no flame barrier.

The mattress, according to its press release, is mostly made of polyethylene foam, and does not come with high heat release. It’s property is compared to a wax candle that inhibits the flame, not spreading it. Hence the mattress does not require any fire-retardant treatments.

Chicago Bans Baby Bumper Pads

Chicago is the first city in America to approve the banning of sales of bumper pads. The ordinance will take effect seven months after it has been passed.

The banning has stemmed from the fact that many baby related deaths known as SID has been linked to this crib bedding accessory. Babies apparently suffocate and remain trap in it, as they lie on the crib.

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