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Kelty Raised Queen Air Bed

Are family coming over this week for Thanksgiving? Do you have an extra sleeping area for them? It may be too late to purchase this online now, but you can bet on needing this for succeeding holidays. For your guests’ good night’s sleep, this raised queen air bed from Kelty will do its job well.

Maximizing Your Air Mattress

Many households today make use of an air mattress or an air bed as a sleeping option because they are relatively inexpensive and very convenient to have around the house. While this type of mattress is but a temporary solution, there are ways you can do in order to make the most out of it.

Fuloon Car Mattress

Are you planning on having one last road trip to end this summer? Don’t forget your provisions for comfort and relaxation! This car mattress may lessen the discomfort of having to sleep on the back of the vehicle on your cross-country trip, or when you don’t have a hotel room to stay over.

The Aerobed Pak Mat

See that cylindrical pump? Can you believe that the Aerobed Pak Mat air mattress can fit into that container?

The idea behind this bed is so that campers and lovers of outdoor activities will find the utmost convenience in the Pak Mat’s portability, and also rave about its exceptional performance for delivering a good night’s sleep.

AirBedz Truck Bed Air Mattresses

Featured at the Las Vegas Convention Center, in the Automotive Aftermarket Products Exposition that was held recently is this Pittman custom-fitted mattress that is meant for fitting on large trucks and vans. Car enthusiasts and owners of RV’s and large vehicles normally look for comfortable beds to sleep on during long trips.

Tiny Air Mattress for Your Backpack

This one’s for those who love to go trekking and backpacking in the outdoors.

It’s the newest Klymit product called the inflatable Air Beam, which sort of works to cushion your back and hips like a mattress, so that you won’t have a bad back carrying your backpack around as you walk and trek.

NeoAi XLite

The mattress is ideal for outdoor adventurers who will be enjoying the summer backpacking or camping. Because the mattress is made of ultra light materials, it’s easy to carry around as you move from place to place. At night, the mattress provides warmth as it is made up of reflective layers that absorbs body heat and converts this into a cozy and warmth sleeping area.

Getting Used To An Air Mattress

Of all the mattresses to sleep on, I am actually quite uncomfortable with an air mattress. I have only tried to sleep on this twice or three times and never got the best out of it. At the back of my mind, I would always think that something will break the air mattress and I could end up slumped on the floor, with my back to the floor. This only highlights my discomfort, so I try to stay away from air mattresses as much as possible. I would rather sleep on the couch, where I’m assured that the form will remain sturdy and durable.

3 Mattresses Under $50 For Holiday Guests

With family members coming over for the holiday, having inflatable mattresses would be convenient and cost-effective, particularly when relatives decide to stay over, or be in the house all day with their kids. The kids can use the bed to rest, and the mattress can provide for ample sleeping arrangement temporarily.

Constant Comfort Basic Air Mattress

Other then the holiday decorations, do you know what also comes out of the box as soon as the merry-making rolls in? Air beds and air mattresses!

Many families in America, I think, consider this a necessity, especially when relatives come and visit during Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.

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