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    Best Things To Do With Mattress Scraps

    January 22, 2014 1 min read

    Mattresses from the 60’s through the 70’s and 80’s were built with bulky springs that are no longer useful today. Because technology has advanced, mattress springs work differently now. Disposing of these outdated mattresses, however has become a problem in landfills because mattresses designed from those decades have parts do not easily degrade.

    But thanks to the genius ideas of people with creative minds, there are plenty of ways old mattress springs can be recycled and reuse for something better, more functional and prettier.

    We sifted through some photos on Pinterest, and found these decorative and home improvement ideas on the best things one can do with mattress springs.

    For instance, this photo above was set up to work as a divider or see through wall between an office space and a different part of the room. This is actually a neat idea if you live in a small space. The “see through” divider gives the illusion of a separated area without actually sacrificing comfort and space.

    Meanwhile, the mattress springs in this photo below was designed to be used as a trellis. It’s a great addition to a growing garden. And it also acts like a wall and separator.

    These are mattress frames and springs that have been turned into decorative and organizational area.

    It’s pretty neat and fun, isn’t it? We bet you’d want to go hunting old mattresses to deconstruct now.

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