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Repurposing Old Crib Mattress

Have the babies outgrown their crib mattress? Are they set on sleeping in their transition beds? Don’t throw the crib mattress away just yet. If there’s no one next in line to use it, keep the crib mattress and start on a new project of repurposing this. Now that spring is almost here, a nice swing in the backyard will keep kids busy relishing in the outdoors, and their old crib mattress would be perfect to use for this.

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Mattress Foundations by OrganicPedic

These come in either wood slat or box spring and both are made of quality, cabinet grade steel spring and wood slats. The foundations are then wrapped in cotton canvas, sanitized with rich cotton layers. It’s also been upholstered with quilting similar to that of the mattresses from OrganicPedic.