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Repurposing Old Crib Mattress

Have the babies outgrown their crib mattress? Are they set on sleeping in their transition beds? Don’t throw the crib mattress away just yet. If there’s no one next in line to use it, keep the crib mattress and start on a new project of repurposing this. Now that spring is almost here, a nice swing in the backyard will keep kids busy relishing in the outdoors, and their old crib mattress would be perfect to use for this.


Sofa Bed in the shape of a Keyboard

It’s quite fitting to have a sofa bed like this when we’re pretty sure plenty of people have experienced sleeping on their keyboards while browsing the internet. The idea behind this design is to make the “transition” easier. The sofa can recline to become a really comfortable sleep surface. The user just have to pop the letter D so that the sofa can stretch.

Screen shot 2010-06-11 at 2.46.10 PM

Stork Craft Soom Soom Toddler Bed

A sleigh designed toddler bed, this can be first used as a transition bed from the crib. The railings make it possible for younger children to feel comfortable in it, before finally growing into their own big bed.

Great looking sleigh design toddler bed Uses standard crib mattress Easy to assemble Made of solid wood and wood products Comes with guard rail/safety rail, accommodates up to 50 pounds
Screen shot 2010-01-15 at 5.39.01 AM

Elmo Buddy Pillow

As much as I am annoyed by this muppet character, I know that little children find him really cute. A buddy pillow like this, to accompany your toddler as he sleeps in his bed and transitions from the crib, should be helpful to the parent, and convenient to the child.