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Is Your Teen Losing Sleep? A New Mattress May Help!

A study conducted by Parisian researchers at the Hôtel-Dieu Hospital shows that sleep patterns and habits of teenagers may greatly improve with use of a new mattress.

For the past 25 years, teenagers have apparently lost some 50 minutes of sleep on average. Bearing other factors that may affect this, such as the propensity for using gadgets, and the teen’s attachment to social media, researchers said that one way to remedy this is to introduce a newer, better and bigger mattress.

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Should You Get An Adjustable Mattress?

As with many other things, choosing whether to get an adjustable mattress is really a matter of personal requirement. Just because you can score a good deal from this, or a neighbor has had a great experience with it, you might not be able to maximize use of this kind of mattress if it’s not really something you need.

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Mattress Trend for 2014

What can be expected from the mattress industry this 2014?

According to the experts, growth for specialty mattresses that will feature hybrid styles and innovations will continue to become the primary focus for many of the players. We’ve seen how much cooling gels have risen in demand in the past years, and it’s most likely going to escalate this year. In particular, manufacturers will be developing and coming up with mattress products that help with making the sleep environment cooler or warmer, depending on the climate, especially since the weather, of late, continues to become so unpredictable.

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Mattress For Extendable Bed

This mattress comes in three pieces and creates an extra sleeping area for a big family. It’s especially helpful during the holidays. It is designed with spring construction, which allows free airflow and a well-ventilated sleep environment conducive to good sleep.

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Natural Sleep Select Mattress

Made with 100% natural latex, this mattress is also much more comfortable because it has pure eco wool cover, providing an enhanced sleep environment. The mattress comes in four different sizes and thickness, matching comfort after comfort.

Anti-Bacterial Mattress Pad from Bi-Mart

Anti-Bacterial Mattress Pad from Bi-Mart

This very simple mattress pad is thin but delivers what it’s made for. It has anti-bacterial features that make the sleep environment healthier. It can also be a mattress for playing and lounging, with kids around.

Memory Foam For Dogs

Memory Foam For Dogs

Human beings benefit and enjoy sleeping on a soft surface made from memory foam. But did you ever think if it is also something worth shelling out for a dog? Here’s a video of Dogpedic, which has a specialized dog bed that includes a layer of memory foam on it, thus giving your pet the softest sleep environment.

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Summer Infant SwaddleMe Fleece Adjustable Infant Wrap

A safe, soundly secured sleep environment for your baby. This SwaddleMe wrap is a soothing blanket that not only helps promote good sleep, it also reduces colic tendencies most common with children. The snugness is very familiar and feels like a mother’s womb.