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Is Your Teen Losing Sleep? A New Mattress May Help!

A study conducted by Parisian researchers at the Hôtel-Dieu Hospital shows that sleep patterns and habits of teenagers may greatly improve with use of a new mattress.

For the past 25 years, teenagers have apparently lost some 50 minutes of sleep on average. Bearing other factors that may affect this, such as the propensity for using gadgets, and the teen’s attachment to social media, researchers said that one way to remedy this is to introduce a newer, better and bigger mattress.

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Sleek Bed Design – Lago Nest

With the way this bed is designed, sleepers are supposed to be assured that falling off would not be possible as the sides of it come with margins that also serve as a barrier. However soft these are, they’re still designed to protect.

The bed itself, admittedly, is also a soft sleep area that makes for a cozy sleeping space. Seen at the Milan Festival, this bed is from Lago Italy.

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Under Bed Space Bag® Storage

Making efficient use of the space under your bed doesn’t mean that you have to forego sanitation and cleanliness. Keep things in this space bag when you want to store them under the bed, so as not to invite bed bugs, moths, mildew and molds near your sleep area. Measures 25 1/2″ L x 19 3/4″ W x 6″ H. This bag can store up to two bedding sets at a time.

Mattress Pad from Hammacher Schlemmer

Mattress Pad from Hammacher Schlemmer

Most regular mattress pads have the tendency to trap heat and make sleep so much an inconvenience. But this mattress pad from Hammacher Schlemmer, one that’s made of memory foam, provides a cooler more breathable sleep area. It also helps that the pad is of open foam structure, it then maximizes airflow.

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Tempur-Pedic Mattress Pad

Your bed can be easily transformed into a more relaxing, more restful and healthy sleep area if you add a Tempur Pedic Mattress Pad on your mattress. Getting a mattress pad is more economical, if you want to upgrade in the bedroom. You don’t need to buy a whole new mattress, just adding a topper can change it.

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Aerus Natural Memory Foam

Offering cool, luxurious sleep, this mattress has Aerus superior air flow system. It is of open cell constuction, allowing a more efficient flow of air better than any other type of visco elastic mattress. Heat dissapates and coolness overcomes the sleep area, thus allowing for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Pet Bed with DuoTemp

Pet Bed with DuoTemp

Distributed by Thermofilm Australia, the Duotemp Bed has the capacity to provide a cool sleep area for the summer and a warm bed for the winter, making it one very comfortable bed for your pets.

Cool air therapy provides relief from warm weather, and helps to reduce the chance of heat stress caused by exertion or strenuous activity. The cooling effect works on your pet in the same way it does on a person sitting near a fan on a hot day.

Bed Bug Killer Powder

Bed Bug Killer Powder

This bed bug powder promises to kill those pest in a matter of minutes.  Now, I know there are insecticides like this that comes in spray form, but this powder form should also have something extra — it gives the sleeping area a smoother and cooler surface, so that  sleep is better.

Marriot Featherbed

Marriot Featherbed

An additional feather bed layer to your existing mattress delivers a more luxurious sleep area. You wouldn’t wanna get up in the bed in the morning as the material comfortably envelopes you to dreamland….

The Marriot featherbed is made from allergen-free duck down or feathers and covered in 230-thread count, 100% cotton leak-proof covers. It’s been hyper cleaned to maintain its quality.

Sultan Fossing Foam mattress

Sultan Fossing Foam mattress

There is an inch of thick latex layer to this mattress that provides high pressure-relieving capacity. Featuring five zones of comfort, this mattress help relax the shoulders and hips area. The mattress also comes with high resilience foam, with a filling of lamb’s wool, silk and latex to keep the sleep surface cool and comfortable. The mattress can be reversed for a longer, lasting use.

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