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The $12000 Italian Love Bed

Designer Gaetano Pesce, an artist and architect from Italy, created this double bed with a very distinct headboard. You probably won’t notice it right away, but the colorful panel, which look like church windows, actually feature two faces — that of a couple kissing each other. Which is why this bed has become symbolical for love and romance.

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Rekindle Romance in the Bedroom, Sleep in Separate Beds

Couples have different preferrences when it comes to sleeping arrangements. That is why you now can find mattresses that are built for two but designed separately. One part is firm, and the other is softer, depending on what each person needs.

However, sleep experts say that, in order to put the romance back in your marriage, it would be better if couples learned to sleep in separate beds.

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Survey Says: Mattress Affect Romance in The Bedroom

It isn’t the candles, the scents, nor the different products a man and a woman make use of that works really well, when it comes to bringing romance in the bedroom. According to a recent survey done by National Sleep Foundation’s Bedroom Poll this year, the mattress is just as important, maybe the most important component to romance.