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Study: Mattress Protector Not Helping With Allergies?

A study that was published in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology says that dust mite covers, also known as mattress protectors, have only a small and insignificant effect in the reduction of allergic reactions among people who are prone to develop the symptoms of allergies.

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Micro Plush Luxurious Mattress Protectors

Create a perfect condition for sleeping with this plush mattress protector. It’s a waterproof dust mite inhibitor with terry cotton top and water proog sidewalls and bottom, thus protecting your mattress from all sides.

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Invisicase Mattress Protector

Prevent dust mites from breeding on to your mattress with this mattress protector. It’s made waterproof and comes with terry cloth top, for a more comfortable and cool surface to sleep on. Dust mites causes allergies and asthma, as well as eczema and rhinitis. Take care of your health and use a protector.

Teflon Treated Mattress Protector

Teflon Treated Mattress Protector

Many people only know Teflon as a feature on many cooking utensils. But this mattress is treated with teflon as a way to protect it from water and other liquid. I’m just not sure how cool this protector is.

250 thread-count, 100% cotton twin and full fit mattresses up to 9″; queen, king and Cal. king fit mattresses up to 14″ washable for easy care
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Spundown Mattress Protector

Even after many washings, this spundown mattress protector still remains very soft and comfortable to sleep on. It contains 100% polyester fibre. The mattress protector is dust mite free. It’s also very easy to set up and place on the mattress, using its elastic skirt wrap around skirt.

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Quiltguard Mattress Protector

Made with technology called the miracle membrane, this mattress protector is ultra thin and yet it is able to do its function well by making sure that the mattress is free of stains and dust mites.

Comforter Protector

Comforter Protector

Protectors are essential because they extend the life and usability of your bedding investments. As you know, these things should last your for years.

Well, mattresses have protectors. Pillows have protectors. Today, even comforters have protectors.

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Full Size Prestige Fitted Pad

This mattress protector is best for beds with up to 17″ deep mattress. The fabric of this pad is treated with teflon so that it can ward of stain and resist liquids and such. For comfort, an easy care cotton polyester fabric covers it. The pad is filled with polyester fiberfill.