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Naturepedic’s Customized Mattress

Customization is a growing trend in the mattress industry. As demand for a more comfortable rises, mattress companies are offering consumers a customization option that allows them to pick out a mattress that really suits their needs. Naturepedic is one such company that offers this new and exciting trend, with the release of its EOS Customizable Organic Mattress Sleep System.

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How Toxic Is Your Mattress?

A third of your life is spent in bed. With children, they spend more time on it because they need more sleep during their formative years. Unknown to a lot of people, however, especially those who haven’t changed mattress in the past decade, they could be sleeping on toxic beds that contribute to a myriad of health problems.

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Naturepedic No-Compromise™ Organic Cotton Ultra 252 Crib Mattress

Provide a healthy sleep space for your baby with this organic mattress designed and sold by Naturepedic. It is made with 252 inner spring coils with support at the center, giving the little one a firm but soft sleep area. The mattress is protected by a non-toxic feature, with premium organic cotton waterproof cover. The mattress is also hypoallergenic.

Basic Organic Crib Mattress Pad

Basic Organic Crib Mattress Pad

Practical and affordable, this basic organic crib mattress features DrySleep™ technology. It helps block liquids and dust mites or other allergens, but maintains a breathable fabric, providing baby comfortable sleep. The mattress is made of vinyl-, latex-, PVC- and it is also phthalates free. Covering is 100% organic cotton.

OrganicPedic Organic Pet Beds

OrganicPedic Organic Pet Beds

Your four legged best friend deserve a healthier sleep environment. Treat it with care and love by providing a good bed, like this from OrganicPedic. This pet mattress is filled with 100% organic cotton and buckwheat hulls designed in chambers for a more supportive surface. The bed is also covered in organic cotton that is washable and easy to clean. Fabrics are colored without dye or chemicals.

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Somina Soy Mattress

This soy mattress is ergonomically engineered to offer optimal support and comfort. Made from renewable materials, it helps improve the quality of sleep with its special features, ilke:

-Precise body modeling allows for optimal positioning. It provides perfect load deflection for your body, reducing pressure on your weighted joints while offering compliance and yield for localized support. – Improved quality of sleep is increased through the reduced frequency of turning by up to 65%, and the rapid eye movement phase. – Optional Compression Load characteristics based on body weight – suitable for 100 kg (220lbs)

Natura Tranquil Green Mattress

Natura Tranquil Green Mattress

This mattress is said to come with an “intelligent mix” of ingredients such as soy based foam and talalay latex. It’s supposed to be a healthy alternative and so much more affordable than other talalay mattresses. It comes firm with wool quilting.


– Non-removable plush top – Bamboo/Cotton blend stretch ticking – 18 oz./ yd² Natura Smart Wool in plush top – 8 inch core: 4 inch Talalay latex; 4 inch soy based support foam – All natural fire barrier
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Wildflower Organic Cotton and Wool Mattress

If you are looking for a mattress that will be offer you the most comfortable sleep, consider this organic cotton and wool mattress from Wildflower.

The mattress features innerspring composition with double heat tempered Royal-Flex Innerspring System. This technology comes straight from Switzerland and makes use of 68% more coils than standard.

Natural Rubber Mattress

Natural Rubber Mattress

Designed with two separate rubber layers — 2 inches of soft natural rubber for the top layer and 6 inches of firmness for maximum support, this mattress, from Furnature, is resilient against molds, dust and prolonged use.

The organic cotton cover is a plus and allows for a breathable and airy bedspace.

Sage Natural Latex

Sage Natural Latex

From Vivetique comes this latex mattress composed of 2 inches of organic cotton and Pure Grow Wool™. It is a mattress for both an adult’s bed or a kid’s bed, but may also be used as a futon type mattress.

Price range: Twin $765.00 Twin XL $995.00 Full $1,129.00 Queen $1,409.00 King $1,728.00