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Naturepedic’s Customized Mattress

Customization is a growing trend in the mattress industry. As demand for a more comfortable rises, mattress companies are offering consumers a customization option that allows them to pick out a mattress that really suits their needs. Naturepedic is one such company that offers this new and exciting trend, with the release of its EOS Customizable Organic Mattress Sleep System.


Buy Green Mattress Topper: Ultimate Model



A non-chemically treated mattress is best for the whole family. This mattress even comes with a renewal certificate so that when the time comes, restuffing is made possible. Not a lot of mattress companies offer this type of service.


Tempur-Pedic’s Bellafina Bed and AdvantageBed

There are literally thousands of choices when it comes to bedding these days. And mattress companies keep coming out with new products and innovations to their mattress line.

One of the leading bed manufacturers in the market, Tempur-Pedic International Inc, unveils its latest luxury sleep systems — The BellaFina Bed and The AdvantageBed. in addition to this the company is also unveiling new improvements to their DeluxeBed line.


Defective Spring Air Mattress Replaced

We find many harrowing stories of mattress owners seeking out mattress companies when their beds need replacement. Often, the pleas are met without any reaction at first, but eventually, the mattress company does oblige and make good on their customers.

Slumberland Mattress Donates Bed

Slumberland Mattress Donates Bed

Mattress companies, like the Slumberland store in Worthington, also spread Christmas cheer by giving away mattresses and bed frames to the needy. They company donated a total of 20 beds which includes:

eight full-size mattresses box springs and metal frames 12 twin-size sets
Mattress Price Hike In Mumbai

Mattress Price Hike In Mumbai

The economic crunch is affecting every part of the world and in Mumbai, India, price hikes on raw materials for mattresses aren’t exempt. According to this report, there have been two rounds of price increases for mattresses in the months of June and July of this year, with profits unexpectedly only gaining 15-20%. This development leaves mattress companies no choice but to increase prices of their products.