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Is Your Teen Losing Sleep? A New Mattress May Help!

A study conducted by Parisian researchers at the Hôtel-Dieu Hospital shows that sleep patterns and habits of teenagers may greatly improve with use of a new mattress.

For the past 25 years, teenagers have apparently lost some 50 minutes of sleep on average. Bearing other factors that may affect this, such as the propensity for using gadgets, and the teen’s attachment to social media, researchers said that one way to remedy this is to introduce a newer, better and bigger mattress.

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Folks Lost Sleep Over Mattress Contest But Was Worth It

A contest held in Cachey Valley didn’t stop its winner from losing sleep over it. The folks who joined were supposed to put their hand on the mattress and the one who stayed the longest gets to go home with amazing prizes that included a bedroom set with the mattress, a dining showcase and a sofa love seat. The value of the prizes amount to almost $3,000 in total.