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Tips for Avoiding Bed Bugs at Hotels

It seems the problem with bed bugs on mattresses will not go away any time sooner. But there are several ways to manage this or avoid it before the problem escalates. Over the years, there have been reports that state how much bed bugs infestation are at hotels. If you’re travelling some place soon, it would be prudent to heed to this advice, which comes from someone working in the hotel industry.

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Bedbugs Are Everywhere! Some Tips To Detect and Control It

Bedbugs problem are on the rise. A recent report says that the epidemic has risen to about 500%! Now, that’s really a huge, huge problem from creatures so small. Not only are bedbugs found in bedrooms or hotel rooms these days. They have infested movie houses and offices.

One way to know if the room is infested, according to Women’s Health, is that the room sometimes smell of coriander. Bedbugs apparently release pheromone, delivering a pungent smell.