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Tips for Avoiding Bed Bugs at Hotels

It seems the problem with bed bugs on mattresses will not go away any time sooner. But there are several ways to manage this or avoid it before the problem escalates. Over the years, there have been reports that state how much bed bugs infestation are at hotels. If you’re travelling some place soon, it would be prudent to heed to this advice, which comes from someone working in the hotel industry.

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Fuloon Car Mattress

Are you planning on having one last road trip to end this summer? Don’t forget your provisions for comfort and relaxation! This car mattress may lessen the discomfort of having to sleep on the back of the vehicle on your cross-country trip, or when you don’t have a hotel room to stay over.


Under-The-Sea Inspired Bed

You probably thought this under-the-sea inspired bed is about a little girl’s bedroom, but this is actually as literal as it can get. The bed, or rather the whole bedroom, is built under the waters and it’s found in a resort hotel in Maldives; specifically, at the Conrad Hotel somewhere off India.

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How To Let Baby Get A Good Sleep While On Vacation

Traveling with a baby? The biggest challenge you probably are worrying about is getting her to sleep right and sleep better. Without it, you may have a cranky baby who can ruin the vacation. Here are some things you can do to help baby sleep better.

Verdana Bedding from MTV Collection

Verdana Bedding from MTV Collection

Now how about this elegant black and gold themed set from MTV Bedding? The design is so ritzy. The set comes with all the works including the bed skirt so that everything is coordinated and wonderfully put together. It kind of like feels a hotel room, doesn’t it?