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Sleep Pods and Destressing In The Workplace

As part of the perks given to its workers, Google apparently provides sleep pods for thousands of its employees at its offices in Mountain View, California. Because of the demanding work that Google employees perform, they are encouraged to take breaks and sleep or rest on the pods  to de-stress and recharge.

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30 Cities Which Need Their Beauty Rest, According To Simmons

Simmons, the mattress company which made the Beautyrest Mattress line, has compiled a list of cities across the United States they think needs recharging the most.

The company has taken the consensus based on Twitter postings and other social media surveys, as well as checking into Google searches. The main thing Simmons looked for was how often people complained of being stressed out, or how often they say they are lacking in sleep. Simmons then ranked these cities accordingly.

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Holiday Gift Suggestion: Tapestry or Fabric as Headboards

Still rushing to finish your Christmas shopping list? If you still haven’t found the perfect gift for your favorite aunt, cousins or some of your couple-friends, head to the flea market and sift through the piles of old fabric, rugs and textiles they have.

These fabric will make excellent headboards for the bed, such as these samples below:

All photos are grabbed off Google Images

Pillow, Salmon Inspired

Pillow, Salmon Inspired

I don’t know why anyone would want to have this pillow but I guess as a gag gift, this one should draw out a few laughs. Or it can work for fishermen as well, or those who love salmon.

Good thing, the pillow doesn’t come with any threatening smell. The Salmon Pillow may be purchased from a Japanese website.

Zedomax Network News – Are you in Mattress business? Reserve your page on the new QuarterWiki!

Zedomax Network News – Are you in Mattress business? Reserve your page on the new QuarterWiki!

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