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The Best Ways To Clean Pillows

Cleaning a mattress, though vacuuming or using mattress shampoos (regardless if its homemade or store bought), is something that many homeowners do these days. The process is especially helpful for getting rid of bed bugs and keeping the mattress fresh and well-cared for. Cleaning pillows, however, is more often than not, usually disregarded. When was the last time you’ve done this?

Zipped Bedding from Little Big Foot

Zipped Bedding from Little Big Foot

I find this very practical, the zipped bedding offered by Little Big Foot. It feels like having a sleeping bag on your own bed. It’s suggested for kids and there’s even one made for cribs so babies can stay warm all night. However, I’m not sure if that’s safe…


Winter Warmer Blue Cuddlewrap

The cuddle wrap — it helps keep you warm this winter months. But it isn’t such a big wide blanket. It’s only enough a size to fit the body, as in this photo.


Graphic Pop Sleeping Bag & Pillowcase

Teenagers would be doubly excited to go on a camping trip or a sleep-over using this comfy sleeping bags in young vibrant colors. The sleep surface itself is made of flannel and this comes with a matching pillow case with fun designs. There is even an option to personalize it.