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Mattress Myths: Are You Aware of Them?

Mattress Myths: Are You Aware of Them?

A local TV affiliate from ABC ran this story around myths with mattress purchases and care, and how each consumer should be wise enough to know them. The feature summed up the myths into three kinds:

1) how the type of mattress affects comfort level.

2) the presence of dust mites in the mattress

A Doctor Talks About Buying the Right Mattress

A Doctor Talks About Buying the Right Mattress

As you may probably already know, the kind of mattress you’re sleeping on can do a lot of good or bad to your health. If you sleep in a mattress that doesn’t provide the proper support and comfort to your body, no matter if it’s very expensive, then you could be at a losing end. Your sleep quality could suffer, and you may end up feeling really worse than before, with your old mattress.

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Sleek Bed Design – Lago Nest

With the way this bed is designed, sleepers are supposed to be assured that falling off would not be possible as the sides of it come with margins that also serve as a barrier. However soft these are, they’re still designed to protect.

The bed itself, admittedly, is also a soft sleep area that makes for a cozy sleeping space. Seen at the Milan Festival, this bed is from Lago Italy.

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Benz Bed

Once a car, this Mercedes 8 Coupe bed is now a permanent part of the home inside as it was transformed into this unique bed. While some of the fixtures have been maintained, this has been reupholstered and fitted with mattress so that it becomes this comfortable sanctuary. The car’s hood can still be opened, by the way, and is an extra storage space.

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Beautiful Bedroom Set

I happened to find bedroom at selling site overseas and I have to say it looks really impressive. The grandiose design of this room fits a royal family. It’s elaborate, detailed and so adorned, without looking quite tacky.

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Seal Your Old, Disposed Mattress

New York City is making sure it will win its fight against bed bugs.

The Department of Sanitation in this city has required residents to fully seal any of their mattresses and box springs, when disposing this outside and leaving it at the curb for other people to pick.

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Modern Classic Leaves Sheet Set

A simple and basic floral patterned sheet set in earthy greens… This is a classic, and can go with any type of bedroom.

Buying a set includes:

Queen set includes 90″ W x 102″ L flat sheet, a fitted sheet that fits mattresses up to 16″, two 20″ x 30″ standard pillowcases and two embroidered pillowcases. King set includes 109″ W x 102″ L flat sheet, a fitted sheet that fits mattresses up to 16″, two 20″ x 40″ king pillowcases and two embroidered pillowcases. California King set includes 108″ W x 102″ L flat sheet, a fitted sheet that fits mattresses up to 16″, two 20″ x 40″ king pillowcases and two embroidered pillowcases.

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Foamex 8″ Eco-Friendly Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress has about 3″ of convoluted memory foam. The rest of it is fitted with a natural plant based foam which has all the green benefit. Covering it is a cotton piece with 250 thread count.

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Memory Foam Leg Pillow – Leg Elevator

A leg elevator is great for support when sleeping in bed for longer periods. It helps with proper blood circulation as well as provides strong relief for back pains and cramps. The pillow is made of memory foam, a technology developed by NASA, which delivers the ultimate in comfort.

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Posh Tots Dream Bed

This gorgeous kid’s bed seems to have popped out of a fairy tale book, doesn’t it?

It’s handcrafted and made of wood and vintage ceramic mosaic from broken China. The bed is also featured with tea lamps, that delivers its whimsical style.