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DIY Pet Bed

Finding a space for your pet dogs to sleep on requires some creative thinking and this didn’t stop Tiffany from doing one that’s quite stylish, using only things she had at her disposal.


SPCA Seeking Pet Beds

In this season of giving, there may be kind souls out there who would like to extend their generosity to animals.

The SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) in Fayette County is seeking help from residents and do-gooders to provide better pet beds at the shelter.


Are Memory Foams Good For Dog?

Would a memory foam serve your pet dogs better as much as it does humans? Would they also feel differently?

Dogs, like people, also experience joint pains and other problems when it comes to sleeping. They too experience arthritis and weakness of the bones, among other body pains. According to this article, providing them with a sleep space as comfortable as memory foam, will help relieve these problems.


Chinese Inspired Dog Bed

This $710 dog bed is hand crafted with headboards and legs meticulously gilded. The bed is also upholstered using high quality fabric while the mattress cover is washable with soap and water.


Dog Bed Night Stand

A night stand for a dog bed, how about that? There’s another use for a night stand especially in small apartments.

Features Include:

Interchangeable stainless steel Towel Bar, designed to be assembled on either side of the house. Trendy Espresso colored Solid Wood Veneer with wainscoting details and natural wood grains.

Moroccan Square Bed

I love this Moroccan inspire dog bed! It’s of simple structure and has none of those elaborate construction. It’s your basic square mattress for dogs. It’s the design print that makes it stand out.


Dog Roller Bed

The wheels on this dog bed, its special feature, is mainly for mobility. But I think that only promotes laziness in pets, doesn’t it?

Although, I like its reversible cushion (mattress). It makes maintenance of it a lot easier. The matching bone pillow is a cute touch, too.

k9Mate's Orthopedic Dog Beds

k9Mate's Orthopedic Dog Beds

You know what, this looks like it could benefit humans, too! Just look at its features.

The unique design of this orthopedic dog bed incorporates 2 3/4″ of orthopedic foam on top of 2″ of cedar bedding which is enclosed in its own zipper bag that can be refilled and washed. The combination of the foam and cedar gives the orthopedic dog bed unparalleled support and comfort. The cedar bedding is a natural flea and tick repellant.

Psychedelic Snuggle Dog Bed

Psychedelic Snuggle Dog Bed

One look at this dog bed and you can sense it’s comfortable.  It comes in a stylish design, too. Not to much spiffy like most high-end dog beds but just enough to look homey. It comes with a matching bone-shaped pillow. Now what dog wouldn’t love that?

Missy Dreamer’s Pet Bed

Missy Dreamer’s Pet Bed

Generally, do pets know the difference, whether they are sleeping on a fashionably constructed bed or not? I do love how this looks though but I’m not sure if a pet would appreciate it for its comfortability.

Missy’s Dreamer pet bed will keep your cat or dog sleeping soundly in its curvaceous acrylic form with color coordinated mattress. | Pure Modern