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Pure & Simple Natural Dual Firm Crib Mattress

Even with so many health and medical advancements, SIDS is still a real threat among infants. Studies have shown that one of the leading causes of SIDS is in the toxic chemicals found on the mattress the baby sleeps on. So, new parents are encourage to invest in a greener and healthier type of crib mattress to assure that the baby’s safety. One such mattress is this affordable natural crib mattress from Pure & Simple.

Visco Elastic Futon Mattress from Gold Bond

Visco Elastic Futon Mattress from Gold Bond

The Visco Classic Luxury Futon mattress by Gold Bond comes up to only $400 in price and is equipped with premium quality futon memory foam mattress. This should further push the sales of futon mattress, as the company have observe some rise in futon demands over the years.

Details of this product are provided at Bedroom Magazine:

Gold Bond’s Visco Classic is an eight-inch futon that features three inches of visco-elastic memory foam along with five inches of supportive urethane foam. It offers comfort, versatility, and a modern aesthetic when placed on a platform bed.

In addition to the new Visco Classic, Gold Bond will present its other popular futon collections including its popular Comfort Coil ($199) and FeatherTouch ($279), which, weighing only 45 pounds, solves one of the top consumer complaints about futons; and The Natural ($149), featuring 100% natural cotton batting and available on a sustainable rubber wood frame.

The FeatherTouch 2 futon incorporates six pieces of 2” convoluted foam, and cotton in a 9” mattress, to give the comfort of a luxury futon mattress without the weight.

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Gee’s Bend Basket Weave Quilt & Sham

A Pottery Barn exclusive.

This quilted bed set is in support of American and African American Art. The prints and designs are bold but very sophisticated. It has been done by impressive quilters with exceptional skills and training.

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8″ All Cotton Futon Mattress

This futon mattress is from Gold Bond and has quite a hold in the industry when it comes to modern futon mattresses.

Patterned after Japanese futons, this one is actually made thicker, thus lending more comfortability both as a sofa seater and a sleeper set in the living room. The mattress comes with the following features:

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Oeuf Organic Mattress

Provide a healthy sleeping area for your children with this organic mattress made from all natural materials. It’s made from cotton batting with cotton covers certified to meet the ASTM safety standards. The mattress is perfect for cribs with 28 W x 52 L x 5.5 H in size.