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Mattress Scare Prank Videos

Mattress Scare Prank Videos

Anytime someone decides to do a scare prank video with the mattress as props, it always ends up being a riot. Here are two recent videos presented by Break, a type of gag show. As you will watch, the setting for these pranks happened in two different neighborhoods, but the reactions from the people are so similar.

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How Do You Discard Old Mattresses?

So finally, you’re getting a new mattress!¬†After agonizing over your old mattress and enduring the back pains it’s causing you, you’ve decided to replace this and bought yourself a new latex mattress. I know you can’t wait to use it and sleep on it. But there’s this very important matter you have to take care of — that is, what are you going to do with the old mattress? How are you going to discard this?


What Happens When You Run Over A Mattress?

This is what happened to a car which tried to run over a mattress.

And that’s one reason why one should not leave mattresses lying on the road, or at least bother to pick it up when they see one.