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The Best Ways To Clean Pillows

Cleaning a mattress, though vacuuming or using mattress shampoos (regardless if its homemade or store bought), is something that many homeowners do these days. The process is especially helpful for getting rid of bed bugs and keeping the mattress fresh and well-cared for. Cleaning pillows, however, is more often than not, usually disregarded. When was the last time you’ve done this?


World’s Oldest Mattress Found in South Africa

Archeologists in South Africa believed they have found the world’s oldest mattress when they unearthed the this among a pile of bedding which apparently was made with compacted leaves. The mattress, which has been dug at the Sibudu Cave has been tagged the PlantaPedic Plush. And as archeologist points out, this really old mattress is a lot similar in composition to some of the mattresses we have at stores today.

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Under Bed Space Bag® Storage

Making efficient use of the space under your bed doesn’t mean that you have to forego sanitation and cleanliness. Keep things in this space bag when you want to store them under the bed, so as not to invite bed bugs, moths, mildew and molds near your sleep area. Measures 25 1/2″ L x 19 3/4″ W x 6″ H. This bag can store up to two bedding sets at a time.


Pittsburg City Council Bans Mattresses On Porches

In order to stop the rampant carelessness and irresponsibility of its constituents when it comes to carefully disposing old household stuff, including mattress, the city council has decided to pass a resolution “banning mattresses, box springs, sofas and upholstered chairs from non-enclosed porches, primarily to prevent the celebratory burning of such items”.

The Bed Protector

The Bed Protector

The Bed Protector is an Australian product which prevents the proliferation of dust mites and bed bugs, and prevents spills from seeping through the mattress’ inner core.

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Video: Bed Bug Infestation in Colleges

Video: Bed Bug Infestation in Colleges

An epidemic in Missouri is plaguing colleges there. Bed bugs, as big as they can get, are being discovered in campuses and dormitories of Midwestern colleges. What are school authorities doing? The mattresses apparently haven’t been replaced or sanitized coming from the last school season. Parents and students alike are furious.

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Freezing Bed Bugs

Aside from vacuuming and other methods, one other way to kill bed bugs is to freeze them. This practice is common in European countries since it is possible bed bugs are learning to develop immunities from insect sprays and the like.


BeneSleep, A dorm room essential

When it comes to cleanliness, the dorm room is one place where there’s definitely a high level of risk from bed bug infection as well as other diseases. The mattress that incoming students sleep on are passed on from one person to the next year after year.