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Repurposing Old Crib Mattress

Have the babies outgrown their crib mattress? Are they set on sleeping in their transition beds? Don’t throw the crib mattress away just yet. If there’s no one next in line to use it, keep the crib mattress and start on a new project of repurposing this. Now that spring is almost here, a nice swing in the backyard will keep kids busy relishing in the outdoors, and their old crib mattress would be perfect to use for this.

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Sleep Pods and Destressing In The Workplace

As part of the perks given to its workers, Google apparently provides sleep pods for thousands of its employees at its offices in Mountain View, California. Because of the demanding work that Google employees perform, they are encouraged to take breaks and sleep or rest on the pods  to de-stress and recharge.


Smart Beds In Hospitals

You’ve probably seen this on TV. A wealthy man, who has been inflicted with a disease that required him to be confined to the bedroom, bought for himself this high concept bed that’s way better than any other comfort and cure a hospital can offer.

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How Toxic Is Your Mattress?

A third of your life is spent in bed. With children, they spend more time on it because they need more sleep during their formative years. Unknown to a lot of people, however, especially those who haven’t changed mattress in the past decade, they could be sleeping on toxic beds that contribute to a myriad of health problems.

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Why Are 19th Century Beds So High and Bulky?

Many beds in the mid-century and in many historic homes even today are built quite a bit higher than regular traditional beds. Have you ever noticed that? It’s typical to see a historic home with beds that seem to tower up. One of the reasons for this is because beds during the 19th century were more than just sheets, pillows and the occasional feather covers. These beds were usually designed as four-poster beds, with all the complexities of layers upon layers of other key items.

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Windermere Mattress

The Windmere Mattress is of premiere quality and it is the mattress used at Claridges Hotel in London.

This mattress is handmade to perfection in its plant in Suffolk. Featured with pocket springs, this mattress has over 1400 pocket units and has an 8.5 inches depth. The fabric used for its covering is a mix of cotton and Belgian damask, while inside, the mattress is filled with wool, cashmere, silk and cotton. Imagine just how luxurious this is!

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Mattresses Then and Now

Mattresses were first invented over 10,000 years ago, when they were basically rolled on the floor to serve as extra padding for primitives who had to sleep on hard solid ground. And it took a while for this to be innovated, according to reports. After thousands of years, during the time of Louis XIV, only then did mattresses come with raised beds.


Elevator Beds As A Space-Saving Cooler Option

Those who live in the city may have all the conveniences and perks of living in the hustle and bustle. But many city dwellers always have to contend with problems with space, particularly the lack of it. And this is what Espacce Loggia, an Italian furniture maker, has envisioned when the company decided to create a series of mobile beds.


Natural 4500 Luxury Bed for the Royal Couple

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are reportedly now proud owners of a marital bed that is made with 4,200 springs. It’s said to be similar to the old bed William and Kate slept on in their Anglesey cottage, while the young couple were still a few months married. The cottage was rented, fully furnished, when the royals moved in.