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Bedsheet Problems: A Funny Mattress Video

Found this gem of a video on Facebook, featuring a woman who is encountering problems with changing sheets on a mattress. While this video is hilarious, it’s a very common situation among many households.

One would think that it is actually easy to just pick off a sheet from the rack at bedding or mattress store. But there are many people who still make the mistake of buying bed sheets that are either too big or too small for the mattress, especially with fitted sheets. And the end result? You’ve got to watch this video to see what we mean (and perhaps many of you can relate to this!):

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Bedding To Use For All Season

Comfort in the bed is a number requirement in choosing a mattress, or bedding and linen set. These bedroom needs do not come cheap, which is why shopping for them requires careful thought and decision making.

Time and again, we’ve come up with useful tips to choosing a mattress on this site, pointing out that what really matters is your own preference and comfort level.¬†When it comes to bedding, however, it’s more practical to choose sets that can be used all year round so that you don’t have to necessarily keep on changing these when the temperature changes.


747 Jet Liner Bed

Round beds are no longer popular today than it was four or five decades ago. But there are still some manufacturers who do this, if only to come up with a unique alterantive for consumers. This Jet Liner bed, however, really tips the scales when it comes to uniqueness in design because the bed is actually made from parts of a jet engine.

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Daisy Dot Bedding

Teen girls will love this bed set, as it is designed with vibrant pink and elegant black and white florals. The piece looks very contemporary and it’s made of 100% microfiber.

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Chantal Embroidered Sheet Set

Bed sheets like this make the bed look really very opulent, well-made and grandiose. White makes it even look perfect and pristine.

Pure cotton. 200-thread count. Satin-stitched floral embroidery with scalloped edges. Easy-Care finish. Set includes flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases.

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University Bedding Collection

I know it’s just the first burst of summer, but this is actually the best time to get and pack up bed sheets for your university students. These sheets from Ralph Lauren are not only designed with taste, it also is made form 250 thread count cotton, cool and very comfortable.

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310 Thread Count Set of Tempur-Pedic Bed Sheets

This is a special kind of bed sheet that combines the softness of pima cotton with Tempur Pedic. It is in fact, especially made for such a kind of mattress. Thus, you are ensured of maximizing the benefits of what a Tempur Pedic mattress has to offer.

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Temperature Regulating Bed Sheets

Simple white cotton fabric in 350 thread count…this comes with a very special feature. The bedding’s fabric is imbedded with microcapsules that is supposed to absorb excess heat while sleeping, thereby allowing you to get more comfortable in bed. You probably won’t need an electric blanket anymore.

“Valentene” Bed Linens

“Valentene” Bed Linens

Showcasing large and small scale floral designs, from the pillow case patterns, to the bed sheets to the dusk skirts, this bed set is so perfectly coordinated. It’s soft to the skin too as the sheets are all made in 600 thread count. Beautiful and exquisite, the set comes with exported and ethnic material from the Philippines.

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